Call for Proposals Spring 2020 Faculty Advisory Council and the Dean of CFAES Grant

Deadline: March 1, 2020

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) invites lecturers, clinical, assistant, associate and full professors (with a minimum 75% appointment for a 9 or 12-month period) to submit proposals for the 2020 FAC/CFAES grant competition. The objectives of this call for proposals are:

  1. To increase collaboration and a sense of community among the faculty within CFAES.
  2. To improve the working relationship between the Faculty Advisory Council and the faculty in CFAES.
  3. Provide funds to support projects that find it difficult to receive funding from other sources
  4. To promote the core values of CFAES in teaching, research and extension.


  • The general guidelines for the proposal will be the following:
    • PIs must be from faculty in CFAES and can be untenured or tenured faculty on tenure track positions, lecturers, clinical, research or professional practice faculty.
    • Tenure-track assistant professors with more than six years employment (pre-tenure) are ineligible to be PI, Co-PI or collaborator on a proposal.
    • PIs and Co-PIs must come from at least three departments in CFAES.
    • Proposals must address aspects of teaching, research and extension. At least two aspects would be acceptable. PIs should make a deliberate effort to balance the emphases between the chosen aspects.
    • Proposals must state how the funds will be used to benefit a wide distribution of faculty and students in CFAES and potential student in CFAES.
    • The duration of a funded project must be no longer than two years.
  • Faculty members listed as PIs or Co-PIs on projects approved for funding, are ineligible for funding on future projects for a period of two years after receiving such funds.
  • Proposals that focus mainly on pure research, extension or curriculum development alone or seek only to acquire or use technology (e.g., to purchase computers or other equipment) rather than explore its impact on broader college-wide issues, will not be considered.
  • Funded proposals are not allowed to support any faculty salary.

Typically, one or two proposals will be selected for awards ranging from $10,000 to $15,000. After the review process in the spring of a funding cycle, PIs will be notified of the outcome of the proposals by April 15th.  Funds will be available from May 1st. During the fall funding cycle, PIs will be notified by October 15th and funds will be available from November 1st.

Instructions and forms for submission of grant proposals can be found on the OARDC Seeds website. Details about the submission process will include the following:

  • All proposals should be submitted by 5pm on March 1, 2020 using the SEEDS grant submission portal on the website located at  The competition name to select from the drop-down options, once you enter the submission section, will be Fac. Grant. Website submission errors/questions should be directed to David Lohnes at
  • Proposals should be printed on 8.5-inch by 11-inch paper and submitted as a PDF file.
  • Proposals should be 12-point type size with 1-inch margins and single spaced.
  • Proposals should be no longer than 5 pages excluding the cover page, CVs and supporting letters.
  • A maximum of 4 supporting letters are allowed for each proposal.
  • Each CV submitted should not be longer than 4 pages in length.
  • All pages in the proposal should be numbered except the cover page, CVs and supporting letters.
  • All tables and figures must be included within the 5-page limit. Proposals over the page limit will not be considered for review.
  • The cover page is limited to one page and should show the name(s), campus addresses, emails, phone numbers and affiliates of all of the PIs, Co-PIs and collaborators, proposal title, start and end date of the project, amount of funds requested and a summary of the proposal consisting of not more than 250 words.
  • The proposals should be divided into the following sections:
    • Rationale and significance, to include the following:
      • A detailed explanation of how the proposal addresses a need within the CFAES
    • The approach, to include the following:
      • A detailed explanation of how the proposal meets the stated goals of this RFP
    • Budget narrative
    • Collaborative arrangement with PIs, Co-PIs and collaborators
    • The project timeline


  • The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) will select a proposal review committee annually to review proposals submitted for funding during a given school year. The committee will report to the FAC and make funding recommendations based on based on the objectives and selection criteria contained in the RFP.
  • Faculty members who are named on proposals as PIs or Co-PIs are ineligible to serve on the proposal review committee during a given funding cycle.
  • Faculty members who serve on the proposal review committee can only do so for a maximum of two consecutive one-year terms.
  • A faculty member who is serving as a member of the FAC is ineligible to be named as PI, Co-PI or collaborator on a proposal until he/she completes his/her term or resigns from the FAC.
  • Proposals that are late, incomplete or not prepared according to the guidelines will not be reviewed.
  • The review panel will evaluate proposals using the following criteria:
    • Does the proposal have potential to encourage new scholarly teams among faculty from diverse disciplines?
    • Has the proposal integrated at least two of the following themes – teaching, research or extension?
    • Would the deliverables of the proposal have a positive impact on a large number of faculty members and students in CFAES? This also includes potential students.
    • Are the objectives of the proposal measurable and achievable within the stated timeline?
    • Would the deliverables of the proposal have a positive impact on the Grand Challenge areas in CFAES?


  • Funds for successful proposals will be administered by the SEEDS Program Coordinator.
  • Funds will be monitored to ensure they are being used as presented to the FAC in the funded proposal.
  • Authorization to make changes to the approved project plans, budget and project timeline must be approved by the SEEDS Coordinator and the FAC.
  • An annual report will be due to the SEEDS Coordinator and the FAC on all funded proposals on a two-year timeline.
  • At the end of its timeline, a complete report on the deliverables of all funded proposals will be due to the SEEDS Coordinator and the FAC.
  • Any investigator with an outstanding annual or final report will be automatically disqualified from participating in future proposals until the reporting obligation is met.

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