The Service Testing and Research Laboratory

STAR Lab is entering its 21st year of providing OSU researchers with laboratory analyses.

STAR Lab provides routine chemical analyses on a variety of different sample materials.  We run widely accepted analytical procedures on soils, plant tissues, waters and many other types of samples.  Our main focus is on the elemental analysis of samples for nutrients and minerals.  We offer complete elemental analysis of samples with our Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer and anion analysis by either Ion Chromatography or Flow Injection Analysis.  We can also analyze for Total Carbon and Nitrogen with our combustion analyzer.  Our mercury analyzer is capable of sub part per trillion determinations.

If you are interested in having research samples analyzed for any of the above mentioned criteria please visit our webpage at the address listed below.  You can find a complete list of all the analyses we provide and our current fees schedule on our website  Use the fee schedule to estimate future analysis costs for current projects or future proposals you may be considering.  Contact Sunjeong (Sunny) Park for a quote on specific analyses if you have any questions.

We would like a chance to extend our services to you or any research associates you may have at other universities or colleges.  Please feel free to contact Sunjeong (Sunny) Park, with any special analysis needs you may need completed.

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