Off Duty Pay

Effective July 1, 2019 all Off Duty Pay requests must be submitted on the attached Off Duty Pay Request form and accompanied by an Off Duty Pay calculator. Please note, there is no need to submit the ODP Request form if your ODP request for Summer 2019 has already been submitted and approved.

During the past year, an ODP Taskforce has met to develop a college procedure that would be supplemental to the University’s Off Duty Pay (ODP) policy. The developed procedure provides guidance to faculty and staff on what may or may not be allowable as ODP and will increase consistency across our departments. Currently, we do have consistent use of the ODP calculator and ODP calendar, but this process speaks to the upfront requirements and approvals.

The procedure and documents have been vetted by a focus group of faculty, HR professionals and Fiscal/finance officers. In addition, feedback has been requested from all Chairs and Directors as well as the Vice President’s Cabinet.

These documents can also be found on the CFAES HR website: CFAES Off Duty Pay 1.) A copy of the Off Duty Pay Standard Operating Procedure 2.) Off-Duty Pay Request form 3.) Off-Duty Pay Calendar 4.) Off-Duty Pay Calculator 5.) Off-Duty Pay FAQs for this process.

Please direct any questions to either Angie LeMaster ( or Elayne Siegfried (

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