Traveler Assistance Group (TAG Team)

The CFAES Finance Office has formed a Traveler Assistance Group (TAG Team) to improve customer service for travel approvals and reimbursements. The TAG Team consists of fiscal and administrative support staff to liaison as informational resources for both travelers and the CFAES Service Center. The Service Center will offer ongoing roundtable discussions and trainings. Topics include travel policy, insight of standardized operating procedures, OSU Travel Office initiatives, Workday communications and updates, and eTravel and Concur system user training.

In the past year, CFAES Finance has received customer feedback related to overall dissatisfaction with business travel processing standards. Items cited were travel reimbursement turnaround time, lack of understanding of travel roles, convoluted and changing policies and procedures, and inconsistent messaging and communication.

On average, it took 36 days after a traveler returned from a trip to get payment requests to the service center, and 14 business days for the service center to complete a reimbursement without errors. However, 52% of requests contained errors such as missing documentation or miscalculated amounts.

Goals of TAG Team

  • Improve overall end-to-end customer service for the college‚Äôs business travelers.
  • Decrease reimbursement processing time.
  • Minimize errors on travel reimbursements submitted for processing.
  • Customize University and CFAES communications for specific units or groups of travelers.
  • Prepare for the arrival of Workday in July 2020.

TAG Team Sessions:
Monthly sessions began in April. Joe Tobias, Ellie Hoskins and Zac Cooperrider of the Service Center lead these sessions. Members of TAG Team can attend in-person, with Zoom, or on the phone.

Fiscal Officers have appointed over 70 support staff to be on the TAG Team.

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