CFAES Website Search Feature Enhancement Launched

You may not be aware, but CFAES has nearly 300 unique websites on our network. While they are all part of the same web environment (Drupal), they are stand-alone sites.

Because of this set up, in the past if you did a search from the CFAES home page, the search was pulling content just from Likewise, if you did a search on a department website, the search was pulling content from only that department site.

Last week Marketing and Communications launched an enhancement that allows users to search all CFAES websites that are in our Drupal web environment.

By default, will return search results from all CFAES websites. All other CFAES websites, like departments and programs, will show only results on the individual site searched; however, once the search results appear, there will be a check box that allows users to unmark searching content only for that site.

This will make it easier for individuals to find our programs, people, and initiatives from our website.

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