University Email Service (UES) Access Changes for Employees Leaving Ohio State

Currently, employees who leave the university on good terms have emails forwarded to a designated email of their choosing for 60 days regardless of Lifetime Email Forward Service (LEFS) eligibility. Effective Nov. 7, 2018, employees leaving the university will immediately lose access to their University Email Service (UES) mailbox and will not have any email forwarding allowed for 60 days.

This change is inclusive of LEFS eligible users, including former employees. After the initial 60 days following separation, former LEFS eligible employees will be able to choose the option for LEFS; however, they will no longer be automatically changed. Exceptions will be if the department/college places a request with the Data Access team to not have a particular former employee receive this privilege for business reasons. All interaction with former employees will need to be made through their personal/home email address on record, accessible to HRPs. To note, it is important to verify the forwarding personal/home email address on record to confirm it is not an * or *@* address.

For questions or assistance, please contact Derek Marquardt (, university email service manager, or Dee Lohmeyer (, identity management manager.

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