BuckeyePass to Protect eLeave, eTimesheet, Carmen and Vita

OCIO’s highest priority is protecting our data – whether the information belongs to you, the university, students, or customers. Ohio State is expanding its use of multi-factor authentication to increase the level of protection that prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your information.

To continue to improve security, OCIO plans to add BuckeyePass multifactor authentication to eLeave and eTimesheet on Sept. 30.

BuckeyePass will be enabled for Carmen during Autumn Break on Thursday, Oct. 11. At this time, BuckeyePass will also be enabled for Vita, which faculty may be using to manage and track scholarly activity. Adding BuckeyePass to the login process for the Carmen learning management system not only reduces the risk of credential theft, but also helps address academic misconduct.

BuckeyePass is a self-service tool. That means employees can add, modify, and remove devices at any time as needed. OCIO recommends having at least two devices registered, in case your primary device is lost, damaged or stolen. Click here for more information on how to make changes and manage your devices.

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