New Career Development Platform, Handshake, is Live

Introducing Handshake – A New Career Development Platform for CFAES

As an important partner in student career development, we want to inform you of an exciting transition we are making. On June 5, the Career Office will be adopting a new dynamic recruitment platform, known as Handshake. Handshake is a contemporary job and career planning software that will help our college as well as all Ohio State University students find highly competitive opportunities such as top internships and full-time jobs.

This new system will take the place of what we and our users have historically known as Hireabuckeye.

Handshake will allow students to create dynamic profiles to connect directly with companies who actively recruit on our campus. Outside of formal recruiting, they will also gain access to a variety of career resources and events that will increase their knowledge about the world of work, providing them with clarity about career options available.

It will also give us the ability to grant faculty/staff in CFAES “fake student shadow accounts” so you can see what students see. We feel this will be a great tool to show faculty/staff the jobs, internships, and events that pertain to their advisees and prospective student recruits. It should greatly increase your resource base for current market opportunities and examples of what students can expect with any major or career interest.

Click here to express your interest in having a “Fake Student Shadow Account” created.

Given the transition, we have been working to educate students on this change, so you may hear questions from students during your interactions. We have notified them of our transition from Hireabuckeye to Handshake, but please reiterate this to them should they ask.

This message is to first introduce you to this exciting change before we officially launch and give system access to students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Major timeline items of note:

  • May 7 – Employers Go Live date
  • June 5 – Go Live date for students/alumni
  • August 1 – Deadline for faculty/staff to request “fake student shadow accounts” before AU18 term

We plan to increase student and faculty/staff marketing around this new transition as we gear up for fall term and everyone returns to campus.

During this process, the CFAES Career Development Office is here to consult with you, should you have any specific questions on how to utilize Handshake or how to best refer students to it.

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