Waterman Task Force Hosts Listening Sessions

Dean Cathann A. Kress recently created the Future of Waterman Task Force, which will develop a comprehensive vision for the Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory, a physical master plan, and a proposed governance structure.

This important 261-acre asset on the Columbus campus is a priority for the college, Kress said. Over the next several years, nearly $50 million will be invested in Waterman with the Kunz-Brundige Franklin County Extension building, a multispecies livestock learning center; and a controlled environment food production complex. These new buildings will join other ongoing and vital programming and facilities.

At its first meeting on March 22, the task force created a plan of action. Among the immediate tactics are listening sessions where task force members will gather thoughts from important stakeholders, including college and university faculty and staff, elected officials, neighbors, alumni, commodity groups, friends of the college and more.

Please plan to attend one of the following sessions, that are specifically for faculty and staff:

Listening Sessions for Faculty and Staff

April 18, 1-3:30 p.m.
Agricultural Administration Building Auditorium

April 19, 9-11:30 a.m.
Agricultural Administration Building Auditorium

April 25, 9-11:30 a.m.
Agricultural Administration Building Auditorium

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Leading the task force are co-chairs Graham Cochran and John Foltz. Task force members include Carol Anelli, Julie Fox, Andy Gurd, Elizabeth Hawkins, Tracy Kitchel, Dewey Mann, Jim Metzger, Terry Niblack, Kathy Smith, Brian Hanna, Ken Scaife, and Suzanne Steel.

Click here for more information on the task force.

Waterman Listening Sessions

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