Alpha Zeta Partners

My name is Kait Butterfield, student in CFAES and PR/Fundraising Chair for Alpha Zeta Partners (AZP), a professional honorary for undergraduate students in all CFAES majors. Because AZP has a rich history in our college (founded in 1897) and we are currently recruiting new members, we thought it would fun to share just a bit about our organization with faculty and staff in CFAES.

What is AZP? AZP focuses on scholarship, character, and leadership. After induction into AZP, first year members complete a year-long program with goals around leadership development, developing individual leadership capacity for leading change in organizations and society. The heart of the AZP program is a six-week education abroad experience in Brazil. Students spend half of their Spring semester in an immersion learning experience that is a collaboration between CFAES and the University of São Paulo’s Escala Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz (ESALQ), in the state of São Paulo. You can follow the current study abroad experience here.

Work with students or know a current CFAES student? We are currently recruiting CFAES students who will be sophomores or juniors when traveling to Brazil in Spring Semester of 2019. Applications are due February 5. If you have a student in mind who you think would benefit from this experience and meets the requirements of our organization, please let them know about our organization and the many opportunities they have through it.

Want to learn more? Here are links to our Facebook page and website for more information!

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