SAS Renewal

For those individuals that use SAS, please see the below email from Michael J. Dangler:

Subject: SAS Renewal – Temporary extension files

You are receiving this email because you have requested a copy of SAS in since 9/1/2017. We’ve experienced a delay in receiving new codes from SAS due to a contract issue that has been resolved, but we are still pending codes that will function through the remainder of 2018. Because our codes are expiring, I’ve requested an extension to bridge the gap; additional codes will be forthcoming, and you will receive new codes as soon as we have received and tested them.

The attached codes will extend the license 30 days. They have also been loaded into OCIO Self Service, where they will be provided with new copies that are downloaded until the new codes arrive.

We currently expect arrival of new, fully functional codes before the end of the week, but we requested these codes because SAS could create them immediately, and if SAS cannot provide codes until early next week, we wanted to ensure your copy would run through the end of the month.

You will receive a second set of codes to run through 2018 as soon as we are able to obtain them from SAS.

OCIO provides SAS renewal instructions for 9.x versions in this knowledgebase article (

 Additionally, there are further instructions contained in the attached .zip file. If you have difficulty, or if the .zip file is somehow stripped from this message when you receive it, you can obtain the file from the following BuckeyeBox link (

Please refer to the KB article or the ReadMe file with any questions regarding the renewal.

Michael J Dangler | Category Leader – IT Contracts and Licensing
The Ohio State University
OSU Purchasing | Strategic Purchasing
Purchasing & Receiving Building | 2650 Kenny Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43210
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