Update on IT Transformation Project

The Oct. 16 CFAES Weekly News Digest provided an update on the CFAES IT Services Review. As outlined in that update, on Nov. 1, the college launched the CFAES IT Transformation Project. The goal with this project is to ensure a robust IT strategy and approach to management, seek efficiencies, and do more in focused areas. As we start implementing this 18- to 24-month project, here are a few things that will happen in the next 90 days.

The college has established a core project team to lead the planning and implementation of the project. Graham Cochran, Matt DeVore and Eric Bode from CFAES, and Diane Dagefoerde, Bob Corbin and Jason Haskins from OCIO serve on that team.

In addition to the core project team, an IT Transformation Task Force will help guide the work and provide input on key decisions. Click the link below to see the members of the task force. There also will be opportunities for faculty and staff members to provide feedback.

CFAES IT Transformation Project Core Team & Task Force

Also in the next 90 days, the college will develop a workforce transition plan that will stem from the creation of a new service portfolio for CFAES IT Services and the finalization of the service level agreement with OCIO. Decisions about the services CFAES will provide and the services OCIO will provide will determine the transition of some staff from CFAES to OCIO.

Since the goal of the project is to ensure a robust IT strategy, decisions will be made based on how to provide quality and efficient IT services to our faculty, staff, students and customers. This includes support for desktops, classrooms and research. In some of those areas, things will look different; however, we are focused on maintaining a level of service that will meet your needs moving forward.

Until the changes are implemented, there is no change in how you request IT support. It is business as usual when you need help!

The college will continue to provide email updates as well as create a website landing page for information, including project updates and frequently asked questions. If you do have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Matt DeVore, Graham Cochran or Diane Dagefoerde.

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