SmartAg4.0 – Sept. 29 and 30

Apps have done more than change our everyday lives, they have also transformed entire industries seemingly overnight. Uber has changed the way we commute; AirBnb has changed the way we find travel accommodations. Later this fall, students will have the chance to propose an app that will transform the future of food systems at SmartAg4.0.

SmartAg4.0 is a competition for Ohio college students who are passionate about food systems. While not a computer programming event, SmartAg4.0 models itself off of signature Ohio State events such as HackOHI/O in its spirit and structure. Over 24 hours, multi-disciplinary student teams work together to design an app and an accompanying business strategy to address major topics such as food safety and security, agricultural productivity, sustainability, and “the last mile.”

This year’s SmartAg4.0 competition will take place from September 29 through the 30. Students interested in learning more about the event can visit or send an inquiry via email to

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