CFAES IT Services Review Update

This update is on one of the important planning efforts we have underway in the college, the CFAES IT Services Review and Planning initiative.

As a reminder, we collaborated with Ohio State’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and an external company on an IT Services Review and Planning initiative that will help the college make future IT budget and staffing decisions in the context of the college’s strategic objectives in teaching, research and extension.

CFAES IT Services Review: Findings and Recommendations

Summary of Critical Recommendations:

  • Invest in security to meet the university information security standards and reduce risk
  • Resolve network and connectivity issues, particularly for our distributed county locations
  • Refresh computers that are out-of-warranty and fund an ongoing computer refresh program with standardized configurations
  • Continue to address important help desk/support needs identified in the review

Summary of Longer Term Priorities:

  • Increase wireless, mobile support, and seamless experience across all CFAES locations (Mobile First)
  • Focus on video conferencing, distance education, and web sites to support innovation in teaching and collaboration
  • Increase specialized support for big data and research to advance key research priorities

Now that the review is complete, Matt DeVore and others from our college leadership team are working together to develop several options for how we move ahead in addressing the recommendations. Over the next month, we will evaluate these options and will have more to share with you about next steps. Click here to view the full report.

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