CFAES Integrated Water Quality Plan

At a recent CFAES leadership meeting and department chairs meeting, Dean Kress talked about next steps with our work as a college around water quality.

Before Dean Kress joined CFAES, discussions were already underway about coordinating our efforts with respect to water science beyond the work started under Field to Faucet. It is clear that we need a broader approach to water quality in CFAES (i.e., beyond lake Erie and across our disciplines) and a renewed effort to help find science-based solutions to water quality issues across the state. Dean Kress realizes there are numerous faculty already working on research related to water quality beyond Field to Faucet, and we want to do more. Moving ahead, we are going to reboot our collective CFAES response to water quality.

We want you to know we are talking about this and are looking to engage faculty and staff in the conversation.

Dean Kress’ plan is to convene a group to discuss a framework that might pull together CFAES water quality efforts into an integrated plan. We are looking forward to gathering input from key faculty, staff, and stakeholders on next steps. Please let your department chair know if you have thoughts on this topic. We need our best ideas on the table.

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