New Process for Purchasing CFAES Publications with a Credit Card

As of July 3, 2017, the CFAES Publications eStore ( will no longer be able to accept credit card payments through the website. Customers will still place their order using the website; however, after they have submitted their order, they will be prompted to call 1-800-678-6114 to provide their credit card information over the phone to complete their order. Customers may place their order at any time; however, the customer service line will be open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

This change in process is not permanent, but will remain in effect for several months until a new system for managing the eStore is in place. During this time, the eStore is offering free shipping for any credit card orders totaling up to $100. Visit the eStore “About Us” page for more information.

For county offices of OSU Extension, the ordering and payment process using the CFAES Publications eStore website will remain the same. County offices do not need to call after placing an order.

Even though the ordering process for counties is not changing, county offices should be aware of the new process when they refer their clients to order directly from the eStore.

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