Your Gift Does More – Mark’s Story

This is the Mark Light field at the University of Miami of Florida. Someday I hope to visit my field that is named after me. Maybe next winter.

When I worked for Ohio Northern University I found it odd that my employer would solicit me for money. That was until it was explained to me. When a university advancement team solicits donors, the donor often asks, what is the percentage of institutional giving? The closer this is to 100%, the more likely the donor will give. He said as little as $1 a month would count. I did not have to donate enough to have a baseball field named after me. IF employees believe in the institution, then donors should too. I gave for the first time that year.

At OSU it’s even better. Not only can we give, but we can pick where we want the money to go.  I give to the Hardin County 4-H Endowment through OSU. The money does not have to stay in Columbus! I did not have this option at ONU.

So I give happily every year as it makes a difference. I encourage you to give as well. Our current participation as a college is only 27 percent and we would like to see it reach 45 percent this year. It takes 5 minutes to make a difference and YOU choose where the difference ends up!

Mark Light
Extension Educator, Hardin County

This week’s featured units:

2018 National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4HA) National Conference 315727

Plant Pathology
Plant Pathology Annual Fund 302418
Professorship in Plant Protection 605816

And don’t forget this year’s CFAES highlighted funds:
Students First, Students Now Scholarship Fund in FAES 313122
Welcome and Education Center at the Secrest Arboretum Fund 312597
Ohio 4-H Program Fund 310225

The 2017 CFAES Campus Campaign co-chairs are Greg Davis ( and Thom Janini (

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