PHA Update

Ohio State is committed to providing a healthy workplace environment. This improves the health of individual faculty and staff and produces even more positive results for the university overall.

Annual biometric screenings and the Personal Health and Well-Being Assessments (PHA) help you learn more about your health status. Knowing your biometric numbers can help you understand and reduce your risk for serious illness.

In addition, if you and your covered spouse/SSDP complete these requirements by November 30, you will earn the full 2017 premium credit and eligibility for other rewards.
Action steps:

  1.  Schedule a convenient and complimentary Biometric Screening
  2. Complete your PHA
  3.  In lieu of having an on campus biometric health screening, take a copy of the Know Your Numbers Provider Form to your annual exam with your Primary Care Provider (PCP).  Upon completion, you have the option of entering your biometric numbers into your Personal Health Assessment (PHA) or faxing the  Know Your Numbers Provider Form to the OSU Health Plan, no later than 5:00 PM EST on November 30,2016. OSU Health Plan will upload the results into your PHA. (Submitting the form to the OSU Health Plan is required if you are participating in the YP4H incentive program and eligible to receive bonus point opportunities.)  After you complete a Biometric Screening and PHA (including all of the required health values) you’ll receive Medical Plan Premium Credit for 2017.

Information provided by Your Plan for Health shows that 48.9% of CFAES faculty and staff have completed the PHA as of July 31, 2016. I encourage you to complete these requirements to learn more about your personal health and help CFAES continue to be a healthy workplace.

Being actively involved in managing your health is good for you and good for the university. Together we can improve the health and well-being of the Ohio State community.

Please contact Jane Douglas, HR Specialist, (Douglas.170) or call OHR Customer Service (614) 292-1050 or with any questions.

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