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Hi, everyone.  I hope you’ve enjoyed a long holiday weekend!

Today I have a few quick items regarding moving to Canvas for this week’s DEEP thoughts (Determined Engaging eLearning Propulsion).

1. Our CFAES eTeam has a working group that will be developing a course template which anyone can use.  It will have commonly used CFAES info, instructions for students, etc.  It can be used as a starting point for building Canvas courses.  The eTeam is looking at templates ODEE has drafted, as well as some other colleges to take what elements fit well for our courses/students and then adding in any modifications.  We’ll send out an announcement when that is ready.  It will be in the Commons area and takes just a few seconds to download to your course.

2.  If you have a certificate program or course(s) in the current Carmen (Desire 2 Learn) platform, where you have participants that have temporary .osu guest accounts, you can copy over your course to the new Canvas site.  Send an email to carmen@osu.edu to request they set this up for you (the shell).  ODEE will be creating these in the next couple of months, once they have the academic courses done.

3.  If you have a professional development course in Moodle, where you have participants that do NOT have temporary .osu guest accounts, hang tight for a couple of weeks.  We (CFAES) are continuing our discussions of best options.  We are working through some final details now.  Our hope is to have access to a second instance of Canvas where courses can be developed fresh and/or moved from Moodle.  Guest .osu accounts will not be needed, so enrolling participants will be more smooth, as well as opportunities for co-teaching with colleagues not at OSU.  It will also be more seamless for our students/participants, many of which will become familiar with Canvas during their academic careers with us.  It will also be much easier for our CFAES support teams and faculty, just needing to become proficient with one learning management system.


-Dr. Deana

Deana Namuth-Covert, PhD  

Professor, Director of Online Education and Outreach

The Ohio State University

Ohio State ATI and the College of Food Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

 Wooster, OH 44691

402-483-1338 Office



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