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Hi, everyone-

A few quick items for this week’s DEEP thoughts.

1.  Here is a really great CamRelay demo recording Ken Kulka did for us, since he was not able to attend the recent webinar as planned due to a family emergency.  Don’t hesitate to contact him or I if you have further questions about using CamRelay to record videos/lectures.


2.  I’ve had a few faculty asking me questions about the Canvas migration.  One question was if this will effect Carmen Connect and any recordings there.  The answer is no, these are different systems.  CarmenConnect will continue as it is.  ODEE has done a fairly recent upgrade to Connect, so you can now save recordings as mp4 files, which can then be edited as you need.  It also seems the screwy bugs we kept running into are now fixed after they upgraded some server power last summer.

Another question I get is what training/support will there be in the move to Canvas.  If your courses are part of a program that ODEE helped develop, they will take care of the move.  ODEE will also be providing trainings to help all of us in moving any courses that are not part of such a program.  Talk with your CFAES eTeam rep for more details.  They can also get a Roadshow type of training scheduled for your department, where ODEE will come give you the training.  I am also researching our options for possibly providing CFAES assistance for the migration.  Stay in close contact with your eTeam rep as details unfold.  I will also provide updates in this newsletter venue.

3.  Our April CFAES eTeam meeting will be looking at marketing/communications aspects to help support our online courses/extension events and programs.  Let me or your rep know of any specific needs you have in this regard.

4.  One more thing I am researching with our CFAES teams is what LMS solution will best fit our needs for professional development and extension online courses.  We’re looking at options within OSU, eXtension and a collaboration called Unizin.  In CFAES we have a few teams ready to spin off online professional development modules from either live face-to-face extension workshops or from academic course materials.  I’ll also keep you posted on this as we move forward.

5.  Here is the current list of CFAES eTeam reps:

ACEL (Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership) –

Emily Buck, Associate Professor, buck.210@osu.edu

Graham Cochran, Associate Professor & Interim Chair, cochran.99@osu.edu

Animal Sciences  –

Mike Chakerian, Senior Systems Manager,  chakerian.1@osu.edu

ATI (Agricultural Technical Institute)–

Valerie Childress, Instructional Aids Associate, childress.39@osu.edu

Amy Kohmetscher, Instructional Development Spec, kohmetscher.1@osu.edu

CFAES Communications –

Suzanne Steel, Asst Dir, College Communication  steel.7@osu.edu

CFAES Director of eLearning-

Deana Namuth-Covert, Professor, namuth-covert.1@osu.edu

CFAES Information Technology Services –

Chris Dicus, Digital Media Producer, dicus.1@osu.edu

Ken Kulka, Instr Dev Spec, kulka.1@osu.edu

Randy Nemitz, Senior Systems Manager, nemitz.1@osu.edu

Entomology –

Wendy Klooster, Academic Program Coordinator, klooster.2@osu.edu

Extension –

Jamie Seger, Program Director, seger.23@osu.edu

Danae Wolfe, Prog Spec, Education Tech, Program Specialist  wolfe.540@osu.edu

Food Science and Technology –

Steven Simmons, Laboratory Supervisor, simmons.263@osu.edu

Alvarez Valente, Food Industry Center Director, Alvarez.23@osu.edu (Steven & Alvarez just want meeting notes at this point and maybe join committee later)

Horticulture and Crop Sciences –

Bruce Ackley, Program Specialist, ackley.19@osu.edu

Meredith Luikart, Program Assistant, luikart.6@osu.edu

ODEE (ODEE Scholarship)-

Jacob Bane, Sr Instruct Dsg/Instr Development Specialist, bane.17@osu.edu

Plant Pathology –

Sarah Williams, Academic Program Specialist, williams.4263@osu.edu

School of Environmental and Natural Resources –

Kylienne Clark, Instructional Aids Associate, clark.1912@osu.edu

Tim Morton, SENR Systems Specialist, morton.162@osu.edu

AEDE (Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics) – TBD

FABE (Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering – TBD



Deana Namuth-Covert, PhD  

Professor, Director of Online Education and Outreach

The Ohio State University

Ohio State ATI and the College of Food Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

 Wooster, OH 44691

402-483-1338 Office


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