Veterinary Medical Center Enhancement and Expansion to Temporarily Reallocate Parking

Beginning Thursday, March 3, 2016, the Veterinary Medical Center will begin the next phase of the Enhancement and Expansion project. As a result, the client parking currently located directly in front of the Veterinary Medical Center will temporarily close. In support of the medical center’s mission to put clients and their patients first, additional spaces will be reserved for client parking in Kottman Lot directly across the street. This phase of the project, which will provide a renovated and expanded lobby and waiting area, is expected to be complete in autumn 2016.

 During this time, alternative proximate staff parking is available in Sisson and Animal Science Lots and along Coffey Road. Additionally, parking is available in Vivian and Ag Administration Lots.

Detailed Permit Parking Information

Enhancement and Expansion Information

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Concession Manager
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