OhioLine Upgrade and Process for Fact Sheets Over 5 Years Old

We’re pleased to share with you that the new Ohioline website will be going live Wednesday, January 20. The new site will be easier to search, more easily accessed on mobile devices, and will provide a better user experience for visitors to the site.

During this upgrade of Ohioline, all fact sheets that were created during the last five years have been added to the new site. Editors in Marketing and Communications have worked ensure that the content in these fact sheets has been transferred to the new site in its entirety, including tables, graphs and links within each fact sheet.

Once the new site goes live:
· All content on the OLD Ohioline site will be unavailable online.
· If someone does a general search for a fact sheet online and gets an “error” page because that fact sheet is older than five years, he or she will see a note that informs the visitor whom to contact with questions.
· Please review the process below for validating or revising fact sheets created more than five years ago.

Process to Validate or Revise Fact Sheets Older than Five Years

Fact sheets that were created more than five years ago must be evaluated for relevance and content accuracy before they can be reposted on the new Ohioline site. If you authored or co-authored a fact sheet more than five years ago and you would like to revise and/or validate that the fact sheet content is still current, please use the following process.
· Click on this LINK to download the Fact Sheet Request Form.
· Follow the instructions on the form and complete the form, including appropriate signatures and dates.
· The form will ask you to select whether the fact sheet is being revised or validated.
o Revised: You have made revisions to an existing fact sheet. Please use the comments tool in Acrobat to make changes to the original PDF of the document and submit with the form.
o Validated: You have reviewed a fact sheet that is older than five years and no changes are needed. You are verifying that the content is still current and should be available on Ohioline.
· To help correctly identify fact sheets to be reviewed, see attached PDF for a list of fact sheets older than five years. The Marketing and Communications team can send you the content of previous fact sheets, if necessary. Email Wintringham.4@osu.edu and include the title and number of the fact sheet you are requesting. Fact_sheets_older_than_five_years[1]
· If the original author is no longer with the university, then the originating department can assign another content expert to revise or validate the fact sheet.
· All validated and revised fact sheet requests will be prioritized in the order they are received. The Marketing and Communications team will work with the fact sheet author(s) to determine next steps once the Fact Sheet Request Form has been submitted.
· As you consider whether a fact sheet needs to be revised or validated, please keep in mind that Ohioline is designed to provide access to the most current information that OSU Extension has available. The site is not designed as an archival system to record all scholarly publications for an infinite amount of time. The Knowledge Bank is a service of The Ohio State University Libraries that collects, permanently preserves and distributes the intellectual output of faculty, staff and students at The Ohio State University. For more information, visit https://kb.osu.edu.

This upgrade has not affected how NEW fact sheets are submitted, peer reviewed, or created by personnel. Click on this LINK to download the Fact Sheet Request Form. Follow the instructions on the form to complete your request.

If you have questions about a fact sheet you already have in progress or an upcoming project, contact Dave Scardena in Marketing and Communications at scardena.1@osu.edu.

If you have questions about the Ohioline update in general or the fact sheet content review guidelines, contact Cheryl Buck at buck.19@osu.edu or 614-292-4880.

Ryan J. Schmiesing, Ph.D.
Senior Administrative Officer &
Interim Director, Marketing and Communications

College of Food, Agricultural, & Environmental Sciences
140B Ag. Administration Building
2120 Fyffe Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210

614-688-4278 (O)
614-519-3780 (M)


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