Service Testing and Research Laboratory (STAR Lab)

The Service Testing and Research Laboratory, or STAR Lab, was established in 1999. The lab is located in Williams Hall at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center on CFAES’s Wooster Campus.

STAR Lab is available to Ohio State University researchers and associates to analyze environmental and agricultural materials for a variety of elemental constituents. We strive to accommodate Ohio State researchers by providing inorganic chemical analyses.

We are a small lab, but we have a wide range of instrumentation useful in soil fertility and water quality testing and in plant and compost analyses.

We also offer elemental analysis of acid-digestible materials, such as compost, biosolids, animal tissue, serums, milk and insect tissue.

Please contact us to find out how we can enhance your research project, provide quotes for developing proposals and future grants, and help determine the best analyses to provide useful and informative results.

Visit our website, You can also email us at .

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