Dear Ohio State University Faculty and Staff,

Today I’m pleased to introduce a new opportunity for faculty and staff to engage in professional development at Ohio State. BuckeyeLearn is a new university-wide online tool that provides greater access to professional learning and training.

Professional development and training is frequently identified by staff, and faculty as well, as an area of opportunity in many areas and departments. We listened to input from those who shared that identifying opportunities was often challenging, as non-academic development courses and other tools were available but hard to find and impossible to track over time.

Through BuckeyeLearn, as an Ohio State faculty or staff member, you will be able to easily access training opportunities to continually pursue professional development and complete required training, empowering you to initiate and monitor your own career development. Throughout the next year, BuckeyeLearn will expand to include trainings from colleges and units across the university and Wexner Medical Center, including some non-academic courses that are currently offered in Carmen.

I encourage you to explore the features of BuckeyeLearn and participate in learning opportunities across Ohio State. BuckeyeLearn offers access to online courses, registration for in-person trainings, a catalogue of opportunities offered by colleges or units, and 24/7 access to training. It also offers a transcript feature to help you document all of your professional development activity.

There are also special considerations to highlight for the following audiences:

BuckeyeLearn will not replace Carmen. However, non-academic training currently offered in Carmen may be moved to BuckeyeLearn over time. Academic courses will continue to be managed in Carmen.

Wexner Medical Center
Next spring, BuckeyeLearn will replace the current NetLearning system, implementing one training system for non-academic courses for Ohio State. Specific communications will be sent to you in the coming weeks and months on how you should engage with each system.

BuckeyeLearn provides specific features for managers that have not been available in previous university systems, such as the ability to assign training and track its completion. These features are described in depth in the manager training provided in BuckeyeLearn. Managers should encourage their teams to use BuckeyeLearn and work with their staff to identify professional development opportunities.

To help you become familiar with all of the great BuckeyeLearn features, training resources, such as courses, a video and reference guides, are available. Learn more about BuckeyeLearn by visiting go.osu.edu/BuckeyeLearn.

Andraea (AJ) Douglass
Senior Vice President
Talent, Culture and Human Resources

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