Save the Date – October 27 Energy Programs In-Service

Save the Date! – October 27, 2015 Energy Programs In-service

Communities and individuals across Ohio are impacted directly by the Energy boom – through shale horizontal drilling, related business growth, and by pipelines crisscrossing all parts of the state. Energy companies are approaching landowners to lease their land and communities are experiencing an influx of workers and their families impacting social services, housing and schools.

Extension is being increasingly asked to help individuals and communities make sense of this energy boom – where it is going, what is likely to happen in the future, what are the social, economic and environmental changes to expect, and how might this effect me as a landowner.

Please save October 27th for an all day in-service that will help us to address these questions as they arise with our clientele and our community leaders. Some highlights of this in-service include:

  • The future of the shale oil and gas industry and the impact for Ohio,
  • Pipeline and infrastructure development across the state and how will this effect individuals and communities,
  • Regulation of pipelines – who is responsible and how are they involved,
  • Understanding landowners and community’s rights

Concurrent breakout sessions will follow two tracks: Landowner issues and community issues. Landowner issues will address good agricultural practices for pipeline development, financial management, legal aspects of leases, and buying and selling leases as well as other key topics.

Community issues will address public official’s roles, responsibilities and jurisdiction, working with pipeline companies, economic opportunities and challenges, and preparing for social, environmental and economic changes as well as other key topics.

October 27th will be an all day in-service to be held at the 4-H Center. Please look for more details to follow!

For further information, please contact Chris Penrose at or Myra Moss at




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