VP Conversation on the Future of Extension

Vice President’s Conversation: Looking to Ohio 2035

More than a year ago, Vice President and Dean, Bruce McPheron asked OSU Extension to take leadership of the Vice President’s Conversation on the Future. One of his goals for this strategic foresight project was to challenge the organization to be adventurous and explore the opportunities to create a new century of Extension work and scholarship. In December 2014, the VP Conversation team transitioned the project work from futuring to visioning, engaging Extension staff at the VP Summit during OSUE’s Annual Conference.   The feedback collected at the Summit was used to develop a variety of opportunities to provide additional, more in-depth ideas about preparing for and successfully navigating 2035.

Would you like to help envision opportunities for OSU Extension in 2035? If so, please visit the link below to learn more information about and to register for one the numerous face-to-face meetings, located across the state, designed to engage your imagination and gather your insight and ideas. A web-based survey will also be available in May 2015, along with other distance/off-site and digital options to provide input. OSU Extension is looking forward to learning where ingenuity, courage and creativity can lead!


To learn more about the VP Conversation, visit go.osu.edu/OSUEFuture.

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