Clarification of Process for 2016 Promotion and Tenure Reviews

I write to advise tenure- and clinical-track faculty about processes for three topics related to 2016 Promotion and Tenure reviews.

First, with input from the Faculty Leaders, Faculty Cabinet Chairs, Faculty Council and the Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility, please note revisions to Volume 3 of the OAA Policies and Procedures Handbook – 3.6.2, 5.1.1, 5.2.1, and 6.1 APT Document Used for Promotion and Tenure Review. In sum, this document advises tenure- and clinical-track faculty members that they may be reviewed using their unit’s current APT Document. Or, instead, they may be reviewed under the document that was in effect when they signed their letter of offer or on the date of their last promotion, whichever is more recent. Please refer to the handbook for the specific policy, procedure and timeframe limitations.

Second, we will continue to use Research in View during the 2016 Promotion and Tenure reviews. As you recall, last year Thomson-Reuter decided to discontinue Research in View. At that time, Provost Steinmetz appointed an advisory committee to consider a new scholarly activity tracking tool. In this regard, the committee has completed its work, and a new tool has been chosen. To ensure time for a smooth transition, we will continue to use Research in View during 2016 Promotion and Tenure reviews, and I want to assure faculty that they will be able to access their data. Research in View data will be migrated to the new system, including data entered during the 2016 cycle. In addition, faculty members may contact the Research in View Support Team ( for assistance with or questions about Research in View.

Third, if you intend to conduct peer evaluations this semester, please keep in mind that reviews must be completed before the end of spring semester on Monday, April 27.

Kay Wolf, PhD
Vice Provost for Academic Policy and Faculty Resources

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