The second to last step in diamond jewelry commodity chain process is the exchange, or trading process.  This is where the diamonds are bid on, purchased and distributed to be set into jewelry. There are several diamond hub locations around the world that purchase the diamonds, as listed in the graph below of total sales for 2012, but of the these locations there is one hub in particular where most diamonds are purchased from .

Antwerp is a city in Belgium which is the capital of Antwerp province, is where most diamonds go before they hit the market place. It is safe to say that Antwerp is the Diamond Capital of the World. Rough diamonds are sent to be cut and polished, but they are also trade from there as well.They have been apart of this process for over 500 years.

A little over 50 percent of the world’s polished diamonds are traded in Antwerp through three of the four diamond exchanges.  According to Bain & Company Diamond Industry Report

“Within an area known as the Square Mile are four diamond bourses, five diamond banks and more than 1,850 companies that conduct diamond business and provide services to the industry, including rough-diamond producers, rough-diamond dealers, manufacturers, polished-diamond dealers, insurance brokers, security firms and shipping and logistic.”


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