ZoomBees Pollinator Webinar Recordings, 2020

This webinar series was made possible thanks to financial support from Manitou Fund and NIFA IPM pollinator health grant.


MaLisa Spring: Introducing The Ohio Bee Survey, and Using iNaturalist to Identify Bees (67m.) 4/16/20


Denise Ellsworth: Theme Gardens for Pollinators (68m.) 4/22/20


Olivia Carril: Identifying Common Bees in Ohio (61m.) 4/23/20


Sam Droege: Collecting and Displaying Insects (75m.), 4/30/20


Rich Hatfield: Conserving Pollinators With Community Science, and an Introduction to the Xerces Society (64m.) 5/7/20


Denise Ellsworth and Julia Wilson: Getting Started with iNaturalist, and Introducing the Bio-Inventory Project at OSU’s Chadwick Arboretum (56m.) 6/18/20


Mary Gardiner: The Value of Turf Habitats for Biodiversity and Introducing Dandelion Detectives, a New Youth-Focused Community Science Program! (43m.) 6/24/20


Marne Titchenell: How Managing for Pollinators and Other Wildlife Goes Hand in Hand (68m.) 6/25/20


John Muir Laws: The Nature Journaling Workshop,(60m +) 7/6/20

Author, artist and naturalist John Muir Laws (Note: this webinar was about 60 minutes, then John answered questions about creating a cross section illustration and deciding on a journal page layout. He workshopped the answers live with drawings and discussion, which was interesting and entertaining. He also spent time describing neuroplasticity and how journaling helps the brain. Thus, the entire recording is 100 minutes. Enjoy some or all!)


Carrie Elvey, The Wilderness Center: Using The Naturalist’s Notebook to guide insect observation and investigations (57m.) 7/10/20


Mary Gardiner: Beyond Bees: Supporting the Other Good Garden Bugs that Support a Sustainable Home Landscape, (68m.) 7/23/20


Spreading the Word About Pollinators: Practical Ideas That Work (75m.) 7/30/20  This panel format brings together advocates with many different ideas and approaches to connecting people with pollinators, from front yard drop-in sessions to large events and pollinator plant sales. 

Dianne Kadonaga: OSU Master Gardener, beekeeper, Volunteer Pollinator Specialist

  Sunny Glen Garden: creating permaculture organic food gardens and wildlife habitat in urban settings

Sue Simon: OSU Master Gardener, Volunteer Pollinator Specialist

  Franklin County pollinator projects

Vickie Eichof: OSU Master Gardener, beekeeper, Volunteer Pollinator Specialist,

  Mansfield Nature Park at the Richland County Fairgrounds

Lynn Vogel: Portage Soil and Water Conservation District, storm water educator, Volunteer Pollinator Specialist

  Pollinator habitat projects, native plant sale, Watering the Bees

Jenny Pope: Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, director of community outreach and education, Volunteer Pollinator Specialist

  Pollinator Palooza, FPCBG Children’s Garden


Judy Semroc, Cleveland Museum of Natural History: Important Late Summer and Fall Plantings to Aid Pollinators and Migratory Species (93m.) 8/27/20