Pollinators in the City Speaker Series

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11/29/21 Reed Johnson

The Ohio State University

Honey Bees in the City: Where Are They Feeding, and How Do We Know?

Transcript Johnson 11:29:21

Chat transcript

Spatial and taxonomic patterns of honey bee foraging: A choice test between urban and agricultural landscapes

Application of plant metabarcoding to identify diverse honeybee pollen forage along an urban-agricultural gradient

11/30/21 Gerardo Camilo

St. Louis University


The City as a Refuge for Insect Pollinators

Transcript Camilo 11:30:21

The city as a refuge for insect pollinators

Bringing Conservation Home certification program (and levels) from St. Louis Audubon

A Checklist of the Bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) of St. Louis, Missouri, USA

12/1/21 Mary Gardiner

The Ohio State University

Vacant Lots as Urban Bee Habitat

Transcript Gardiner 12:1:21

Conservation in post-industrial cities: How does vacant land management and landscape configuration influence urban bees?

From potential to practical: conserving bees in urban public green spaces

12/2/21 Scott MacIvor

University of Toronto

Constructed Green Infrastructure to Support Wild Bees: Does it Work?

MacIvor transcript 12:2:21

The contribution of constructed green infrastructure to urban biodiversity: A synthesis and meta‐analysis

‘Bee Hotels’ as Tools for Native Pollinator Conservation: A Premature Verdict?

Bees of Toronto (pdf)

Managing Alternative Pollinators: A Handbook for Beekeepers, Growers and Conservationists

12/3/21 Damon Hall

University of Missouri

Policy Dimensions of Insect Pollinator Conservation

Hall transcript 12/3/21

Insect pollinator conservation policy innovations at subnational levels: Lessons for lawmakers

Human dimensions of insect pollinator conservation


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