Ohio Pollinators On-Line: free course on eXtension

Ohio Pollinators On-Line is a free, self-paced course about pollinator biology, identification, conservation and community science. The course was developed during the Covid-19 health crisis to connect participants in several of Denise Ellsworth’s in-person pollinator programs (The Volunteer Pollinator Specialization, the Ohio Pollinator Short Course, and the Bee Survey Team@Dawes) to continue our quest to learn about Ohio’s pollinators during the time of “social distancing.”

The course is now open to others interested in continuing pollinator education.

We gratefully acknowledge the Manitou Fund for financially supporting the development of this on-line course.

Course sections offer videos, podcasts, readings and activities around a central topic.  Course instructors include Dan Herms, Jamie Strange, Heather Holm, Doug Tallamy, Olivia Carril, Sam Droege, Rich Hatfield and others.

Because the course is self-paced, learners can take their time to work through each section. Some people complete one section a week, others one section a month; it’s totally up to you!

This course if available through the online campus of eXtension. These steps (and accompanying screenshots) will help you get started:

First, visit the “campus.extension.org” site and log in, either though Google or Facebook or by creating a new account.

The enrollment key is beewell! (that is, beewell! in one strand, no spaces, with ! at the end).
Once you’re in the course, “Welcome: Start Here!” will orient you to the course.
To access the course on your phone or device, add the “Moodle” app, then enter your log-in information.

I hope you’ll join us on-line!

Bee safe and bee well,