Ohio Pollinator Advocates are certified, trained volunteers who spread the word about the importance of pollinators. Advocates complete at least two hours of training in pollination biology, Ohio bee identification, bee biology and habitat enhancement. Once certified, advocates agree to teach two programs to adult and youth audiences to help spread the word about why pollinators matter and how to take action to conserve these important animals. Advocates have access to outreach resources and materials, including PowerPoint programs and identification guides. 

Introduction to Pollination: Messages That Resonate (Ohio Pollinator Advocate training, Part I)

Why do pollinators matter, who they are, and how do we protect them? While some are tuned in to the importance of pollinators, many Ohioans don’t realize that one in every three bites of food we take can be linked back to animal pollinators. This session will focus on the biology of pollination and pollinators, and the conservation messages that resonate with the public.

Citation for Messages that Resonate:

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Getting to Know the Bees in Your Ohio Backyard (Ohio Pollinator Advocate training, Part II)

Ohio is home to over 500 species of bees and other pollinators, but most people don’t recognize the identity or importance of these hard-working creatures. This program will focus on common Ohio bees, including their fascinating biology and life histories. We’ll look at some of the amazing pollinators that call Ohio home, and discuss ways to plant and tend gardens and natural spaces to favor pollinators.