Doug Tallamy Webinar Recording Posted

The recording from today’s webinar with Doug Tallamy is now posted on The Living Landscape Speaker Series webpage. You can also register for our next session on Friday, January 22nd at 1PM EASTERN.

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One thought on “Doug Tallamy Webinar Recording Posted

  1. Thank you so much, Doug Tallamy, for a great time learning about the ways of caterpillars and chickadees —-and so much more. In the middle of your talk my connection disappeared and wasn’t repaired until long after you were gone. It wasn’t until today, Saturday, that I was able to see the rest. Thank you all for recording it! That also allowed me to take down better notes, and lists -The Keystone Plants, for instance.

    I have an acre or so in Youngstown and I’ve always loved working in it, but it’s only been a couple of years that I’ve been learning and focusing and planting (!) for pollinators. I have lots of trees, most of which were planted in the 30s as a gift from the state of Ohio, as seedlings. So they’re all the same age. No oaks though, (tulip poplars and willow and some maples and black walnuts) and some of the willows probably won’t last the season to come. But I now am very sure that an oak will be planted.

    I look forward to next week’s session. Thank you so much

    Emily W. Schaff

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