Olivia Carril at Studio 35 in Columbus tomorrow (Sunday) from 1 – 3PM

Join us Sunday August 4th at Studio 35 (3055 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43202) for a celebration & education of our backyard friends – bees!

Beekeeper and educator, Dave Noble, will host this 2-hour fun filled adventure into the world of these most important insects. We’ll be hosting special guest – biologist, author, and bee researcher, Dr. Olivia Carril! Short films, presentations from Olivia, Dave, and a host of other bee researchers and experts will give you and entertaining look into the world of bees!

Bee-themed drinks, raffles, and interactive presentations will be on offer. This will be a fun, exciting way to learn about bees as well as find out what you can do to help keep these wonderful creatures healthy and happy!

Come to help us celebrate the Ohio Bee Tour with Olivia Carril. Copies of Olivia’s book The Bees in Your Backyard will be available for $25 and posters for $15 until they run out!

Admission just $5. BEE there!

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