HCS 4300/4301 Hydroponic Crop Production – Science, Technologies, and Practices

This course will offer students foundational understanding of the greenhouse food crop production technologies and practices and introduction to the science behind them. Lectures will overview the background and basic principles of greenhouse crop production using soilless (hydroponics) approach. Additionally students will learn conventional/advanced production technologies. Students will be introduced to the concepts of interactions between plants and their microenvironments created by different production systems and climate control systems. Greenhouse laboratory (HCS 4301) associated with lectures will provide hands-on practice of greenhouse hydroponic crop production – leafy crops, micro-greens, tomato, and more. Lectures are available for online distance education in addition to in person classroom access.

HCS 3521 Greenhouse Systems and Management

This course will offer students basic understanding of the greenhouse systems, structural designs, controlled environment technologies, and management practices to commercially grow ornamental and vegetable crops under a controlled environment. Additionally students will have hands-on experience of managing production of selected greenhouse crops.

HCS 2300 Introduction to Hydroponics

This hands-on intensive course (1 credit hour) is designed for students without horticultural background to learn crop production without using soil and also students who are considering Horticulture as their major. The course will provides basic information on key components of hydroponics, different systems adopted for different crop species, as well as ideas of implementing in commercial settings, home gardening as well as school science teaching programs.