Tomato Harvest at Kubota Lab

Dr. Changhyeon Kim, a postdoc scholar at Kubota lab, had a busy day harvesting tomatoes with the help of Ben Stover, an undergraduate student intern. Changhyeon’s research project focuses on improving the productivity of greenhouse-grown high-wire tomatoes based on physiological evidence and autonomous environment control in controlled environment agriculture. This work will contribute to the advancement of the horticulture industry, with potential benefits for producing high-quality produce in large quantities efficiently.

Kubota Lab helped host Cultivate greenhouse workshop and OHCEAC Annual Conference

The Kubota lab members are grateful for the incredible opportunity to help host the Cultivate greenhouse workshop and the OHCEAC Annual Conference in the past 2 weeks.

Cultivate ‘23. At Cultivate, we were thrilled to see the new crop varieties and technologies shaping the green industry’s future. Members from Kubota lab and Dr. Garrett Owen’s lab participated in ‘Back2Basics: Media & Fertility Workshop’ held in OSU Controlled Environment Agriculture Research Complex (CEARC). We had the pleasure of assisting visitors from all over the US in understanding greenhouse substrates and fertility. Sharing knowledge and fostering growth within the industry is always a rewarding experience.

The 2nd OHCEAC Annual Conference. This conference ‘Advancement of sustainable controlled environment crop production sciences and technologies’ offered us the chance to engage with countless scientists and industry leaders and learn about the cutting-edge research conducted to advance the CEA industry. We were proud to showcase our latest research projects at our state-of-the-art controlled environment agriculture research building, sparking meaningful conversations, and fostering potential collaborations.

Gratitude to all involved for making these events a great success! Looking forward to the continued growth and advancements in the world of horticulture.