Doug McCloy, OD – Class of 1995 – Notable Alumnus

Doug McCloyAfter graduating from The Ohio State University College of Optometry in 1995, Dr. McCloy pursued his dream to practice in Jamaica through a volunteer internship at a public hospital while also working in a private setting. The early years he spent practicing in Jamaica developed his global perspective and passion for caring for the underserved, a passion that has continued throughout his career. Doug eventually returned to Ohio and worked in a variety of settings until purchasing a private practice in Marion, Ohio, which he has owned and operated for the last 15 years.

In 2002, Dr. McCloy and his wife Rhonda made a leap of faith and returned to Jamaica to serve with the Mission Corps of the Church of the Nazarene. Out of the need to financially support their volunteer assignment in conjunction with the desire to deliver eyecare, Dr. McCloy opened the first of four present-day practices. As a result, Professional Eye Care now serves the Southern and Western regions of Jamaica with full scope eyecare services to a population that is both underserved and economically challenged.

One of the greatest impacts of Dr. McCloy’s optometric purpose lies in the functioning of the Gamertsfelder Mission Centre in Jamaica. Created in honor of Dr. Paul Gamertsfelder, this multi-purpose medical, dental, optometric, and eye surgery center serves as a sustainable clinic that also facilitates mission-minded doctors, students and allied professionals to care for the physical and spiritual needs of the Jamaican people.

“To be recognized as a notable alumnus is an honor above my imagination and proof for how God can take the little we have to offer and turn it into much. When reflecting on the events and people who helped form me as an optometrist, I realize the many exceptional faculty and alumni from the College who made significant contributions to my career (Dr. Michael Earley, Dr. Joe Barr, Dr. Marjean Kulp). My mentors in private practice include, Dr.’s John and Cheryl Archer, as well as Dr. Andy Feltz who partnered with me through some of the most rewarding and challenging years of my career. The ‘living example’ of Dr. Paul Gamertsfelder who’s life of service helped create in me a drive for purpose far greater than any I could reach with relying on my own efforts. Without the trust of Denise Thiel in Ohio and Karen Brunk in Jamaica to manage the offices, there wouldn’t be the outreach we now experience in both countries. And saving the best for last is my incredible wife Rhonda and four amazing children who have served with me as a family to fulfill what we believe is God’s purpose for us through the great profession of optometry.”

“In addition to this great support, if it were not for the opportunity the College of Optometry at Ohio State provided me, I couldn’t be who I am today. So a HUGE THANKS to the College for taking a chance on an ‘average Joe’ of a student like me.”