Charles Pat Creighton, OD – Class of 1958 – Notable Alumnus

Charles Pat CreightonDr. Creighton graduated from The Ohio State College of Optometry in 1958. Dr. Creighton was a pioneer in research and development of soft contact lenses. He authored many books and scholarly papers on soft contact lenses. His first book, Contact Lens Fabrication Tables, was published in 1964. The book was a standard reference for laboratories and expert fitters in the United States and abroad, as well as a textbook in some schools and colleges of optometry. The main focus of the book is the use of mathematical systems analysis, the basis for today’s numerous computer lens design programs, the first of which was the Olivetti program.

Dr. Creighton’s second book, Contact Lens Fabrication Tables for Hydrogels, was published in 1966. The new methodology presented in this book allowed labs for the first time to custom fit soft contact lenses. Dr. Creighton holds patents covering lens design, polymeric blank processing, and polymeric formulations relating to soft contact lenses. He founded Alden Optical in 1969, which specializes in custom and soft contact lenses. The business is operated today by his son, Charley.