Considering Graduate School?

Annually, the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University receives a variety of requests from institutions across the U.S. regarding our junior and senior level engineering / architecture students. The requests primarily take place during the fall term and involve the promotion of any or all of the following:

  • Fellowship opportunities

  • D. programs

  • Funded campus visits

  • Summer research internships

  • Master’s programs

  • Application fee waivers

  • Research symposium invitations

  • New scholarships

  • Online graduate degrees

  • Graduate recruiting events

  • Other academic endeavors

The Ohio State University has joined the Engineering National Graduate Institutional Name Exchange (ENGINE). This national consortium was formed for the sole purpose of assisting students to be recruited to graduate school. More than 160 U.S. engineering institutions have been invited to participate.

We recommend you participate in ENGINE. The following website lists the invited and participating institutions,

To opt in to these opportunities, simply take 30 seconds to complete this brief online form granting your permission and release of a few basic fields of information to other U.S. institutions.


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We’re hoping to use this page to inform you of new opportunities, upcoming events, and current advising information pertinent to students at OSU studying civil, environmental and geodetic engineering (CEGE). We still strongly encourage you to use our website for official forms, documents, and department information, but this site will be used to inform you of current information, so please check this regularly!