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Important Updates for AU 2017

As we know, the first week of classes is incredibly busy for everyone. Please allow advisors 2 full business days to respond to your email (remember, there are nearly 850 students in the department. We will get to everything as soon as possible). We appreciate your patience during this time.Make sure to check out the CEG Undergraduate Advising website, and our new YouTube Channel for a variety of information than may help answer many of your questions.

Have a question? Here are some common questions students have during the first week of class:

  1. Q: Do you have walk-ins?
    A: YES! But only during the first week of classes (and possibly at other important times during the semester… we will let you know). If you need to see us for a quick question (think, less than 5 mins), please visit us during our walk-in hours that will take place Tuesday, August 25 – Thursday, August 27 from 1p-4p and again on Friday from 9a-12p and 1p-4p. We will not be taking appointments during the first week of classes. Students will need to make an appointment to see an advisor after the first week of classes (walk-ins will not be available after the first week of the semester unless we let student know).
  2. Q: I am waitlisted for a class…what do I do?
    A: (For classes other than Math) please allow the waitlist to work during the first week of class. We will NOT take course enrollment forms that give permission for a student to enroll in a waitlisted course until week 2. We will accept course enrollment forms for students needing to add a course that requires permission or that needs pre-requisites waived. After the first Friday, the waitlist will disappear. Students can take a course enrollment permission form to instructors during week two to have them sign it; forms can then be submitted to advisors for enrollment. Students are unable to add any classes to their own schedule after WEEK 1 (you will need an advisor to do this). This procedure is different for math classes.
  3. Q: What if I want to add a Math class?
    A: Please visit https://math.osu.edu/undergrad/non-majors/scheduling/waitlist for information on how to get permission to add a math class (this includes waitlisted math courses).
  4. Q: I get an error message that a course “falls outside of my career of study.” What do I do?
    A: This only ever happens if you are attempting to add a graduate section of a course. You will need to go back to “search courses” and make sure you only choose “undergraduate” as an option.
  5. Q: Do I need an appointment to drop off my course enrollment permission form?
    A: No. Please do not make an appointment to do this. Simply drop the form off in the advising office or email it to us (no need to wait to see an advisor). Forms not filled out completely will not be processed.
  6. Q: Will you process my course add/drop before the deadline?
    A: Yes. Students are responsible for checking their BuckeyeLink to make sure the correct course has been added/dropped. If the add/drop was not processed on time/correctly due to advisor or University error, the student will not be penalized.
  7. Q: What are the add/drop deadlines?
    A: Glad you asked! This and a lot of other useful information can be found here (look at “Important Dates and Deadlines”) https://u.osu.edu/cegengineering/
  8. Q: But my issue is REALLY important…and I’m afraid to wait until week 2 to see you…. What do I do?
    A: Please send us an email with your issue and allow 2 business days for a response. We will respond as soon as we can. Any issue related to course scheduling not already discusses in this message should be able to be answered via email or can wait until Week 2.
  9. Q: I have a hold on my account, what do I do?
    A: Please click the “details” link on your “to do” list and contact the appropriate people.

We look forward to working with you this year!

Scheduling Updates

When scheduling, if you get the message “this course falls outside of your career of study” and you are unable to add the course, it is because you are attempting to enroll in a graduate section. Please enroll in the undergraduate section.

If you see seats in a course, but are unable to enroll, it may be because the seats are reserved for graduate students.  You should waitlist yourself and be patient.

If a course is full, please waitlist. We use the waitlist to determine if we need to find a new room or open an additional section (if possible). We work on the schedule up until the first day of classes in Autumn, so when room is available waitlisted students are the first to snag the seat.

If you waitlist for a course, but then register for other courses that conflict with the waitlisted course, or that will put you over 18 hrs, the waitlist will never work. You will need to notify Barry or Mary of the issue so we can adjust the system to work in this case. Students must obtain permission to enroll in more than 18 hrs using this form: Petition to Exceed 18 Credit Hours. Please note that this is not always approved and, if approved, students are responsible for any associated fees.

If you are graduating in SP 18, there is no reason you will not get into your classes unless you did not meet with me for a graduation appointment (then you would have not been assigned a priority scheduling appointment and may have a late enrollment appointment).

Always plan for back-up courses. Things happen outside of our control that can result in the cancellation of a course.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mary or Barry.