Ohio Farm Poll

In spring 2020, the team conducted a statewide survey of a random sample of Ohio farms. The goal was to learn about how a series of economic and weather shocks in 2019 impacted the well being of farm families and farm businesses.  The survey included a representative sample of all farms, plus a subsample of organic farms that allow us to accurately characterize the diversity and current status of Ohio farms.


Click here to find summaries of the results from the 2020 Ohio Farm Poll and the Ohio Farm Poll Organic Edition. In addition to reading the top-line findings, you can also read one-page “quick take” reports on specific issues, watch videos, or listen to podcasts that share findings.


What is the 2020 Ohio Farm Poll?

In 2020, our team created the Ohio Farm Poll (OFP). This statewide survey was conducted in spring 2020 and documented how a random sample of representative farmers across the state were responding to the challenging weather and market conditions of 2019. We aimed to take the pulse of the farming community across a number of important issues.

2020 Ohio Farm Poll with images of farms and farming

  • A range of partners and stakeholders contributed to the design of the survey. This helped us ensure results are useful to people working across Ohio’s agriculture.

  • Ohio’s farmers appreciated the opportunity to share their experiences and concerns. More than 825 farmers completed the survey, a response rate over 40%. This allows us to be very confident in our results and conclusions.

  • Results are being used to guide Ohio State research and extension priorities and have been shared with important public and private sector decision-makers.

  • It had been many years since a representative survey of Ohio’s farmers had been undertaken at Ohio State, and we hope to repeat the Ohio Farm Poll every two years. This will allow us to track trends in the industry and better understand how Ohio farm households adapt to emerging problems and opportunities.

Ohio Farm Poll – Organic Edition (OFP-OE)

In addition to our statewide sample, we conducted a supplemental survey with a random sample of Ohio’s certified organic farms, an important and growing subsector in Ohio agriculture.