Impacts of the Commodity Chain

1. Raw Materials-The biggest impact that raw materials have is on the animals. Specifically, the animals should be treated humanely. We see many groups such as PETA, Humane Society, and Last Chance for Animals rally and protest against the killing of animals. The raw materials to make a football are predominantly from animals, ranging from a pigs bladder to a cow’s hide. Additionally, extracting raw materials can impact the environment because of the need for importing raw materials. In underdeveloped countries, the set up is to use land for high demand. With this demand, supplies are required. Sometimes those supplies can be damaging, for example fertilizer.

2. Manufacturing- The tanning process of the leather to make a football deals with many chemical agents such anthracene, aschromium, formaldehyde, arsenic, vegetable tannins, and aldehydes. The impact of these chemical agents can pollute the air or even end up washed up in our waters with cleaning up of the chemicals. Also, it can affect one’s health by attacking lungs, kidneys, and liver, as well as harming skin or eyes. These can turn into long effecting diseases like asthma, blindness, skin discoloration.

3. Transportation- The impacts of transportation depend a lot on Mother Nature; if the weather is good, transportation is not affected. However if we have bad weather, here we cannot ship out. If the customer has terrible weather, they cannot receive. This means, boats, rains, planes, and cars depend on Mother Nature to be the best it can be for these to run efficiently. Also, if there are strikes, then packers, movers, transporters will not be working so that will cause shipments to be interrupted.

4. Purchasing- The impact of purchasing is that the price cannot be controlled. Prices are based on what people are buying and what kind of quality they want. Today we see more people wanting to save money. They are focused on a cheap product and don’t seem to care about the quality as much anymore. Also, if there is an outbreak of sickness in the animals whose hides are used for leather that also can hinder the price. This instability in price cost and prices paid can have serious effects on the industry. Prices are not stable

5. Consumption-The sport of football has grown in popularity. There are a numerous different leagues, such as NFL, AFL, and WFL so consumption is rising. Also, when population increases and new city leagues can be started, this adds to the consumption. The rise of consumption can have a positive effect that more people are engaging in sports.

6. Disposal/Recycling-The recycling impacts the environment in a good way, because our waste is not building up. When you throw something away, it contributes to pollution and gasses being emitted into the air because of the disposal process of burning waste. Staying green can help the environment be healthier. That is why things have been created like Pinterest or local resale shops to give those unwanted products by one to another who can make use of them. There are lots of ways to take something unusable and make it into something, whether doing it yourself or donating to be recycled into new things.

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  1. Great blog to learn about more things on manufacturing, transportation, recycling. Thanks for sharing with us. I heard one thing that companies/factories used to have a less transportation to improve the productivity. (ie., factory & retail/shop place is not too far)

    Sulekha Packers & Movers

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