Why You Do Less Work When You Have A Meeting In Your Diary

It’s not just about spending time in the meeting itself.

Full article at Huffington Post   By Rachel Moss, HuffPost UK

Truth is, you’re more likely to choose the latter — at least that’s according to new research by Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business in the U.S.

Researchers found, in a series of eight tests, that time seems shorter to people when it comes immediately before a scheduled task or appointment. Therefore when we have a meeting booked in our diary, we’re inclined to do less work and fill the time prior to the meeting with minor tasks, rather than knuckle down and complete something productive.

“We seem to take a mental tax out of our time right before an appointment,” said Selin Malkoc, co-author of the study. “We figure something might come up, we might need some extra time, even when there’s no need to do that. As a result, we do less with the available time.”

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