Upcoming OSU Battelle Center SCOPEs

SCOPE stands for Student Community Of Practice and Engagement. These industry specific communities are built to give students the chance to discuss the latest topics, news, and technology of the day in crucial arenas while gaining access to professional development and mentorship opportunities. These communities are a chance for any student, no matter the focus of their studies, to get involved in industries with global impact that require an interdisciplinary approach.

Weekly SCOPE conversations feature discussion forums with faculty and staff leadership to help breach new horizons for the group. Learn more here.

Upcoming SCOPE conversations:


Air & Space SCOPE welcomes Dr. Marla Pérez-Davis, director of NASA Glenn Research Center.

  • Monday, February 22, 5-6pm
  • Zoom ID: 916-8637-8230
  • Password: 2020Flight

Sustainable Energy SCOPE welcomes Invenergy, a leading privately held, global developer and operator of sustainable energy solutions that has created 175 projects across four continents.

  • Tuesday, February 23, 4-5pm
  • Zoom ID: 998-4813-1164
  • Password: 2020Energy

Infectious Diseases SCOPE welcomes Mikkel Quam. Get insights into contact tracing and more about pandemic preparedness from an expert in the field.

  • Thursday, February 25, 5:15-6:15pm
  • Zoom ID: 979-3849-4806
  • Password: Health

NASA Internship

NASA Internship-Merritt Island, FL

For highly motivated, multidisciplinary students: the Chemical and Biological Sciences Research Group at Kennedy Space Center is seeking an intern!

Student will lend support to any number of microbiological, molecular, analytical chemistry and horticultural experimentation occurring at the time.

This work can include (but not limited to): maintenance and harvesting of experimental food crops, PCR/Gel electrophoresis, heterotrophic plate counts, spread/streak plating, sample preparation, chemically analyzing various phytochemical and water constituents via HPLC, IC, ICP and TOC.

It is recommended to have knowledge about autoclaves, pipettes, basic wet chemistry techniques, and analytical balances in advance.

Requirements: Experience with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Expected outcome includes a paper outlining one focus experiment.

Internships with NASA

There will be an information session hosted soon to provide information about potential internships with NASA. This session will be hosted by other OSU students who have completed the internship themselves and are excited about sharing their experiences! The meeting will be Thursday, August 31st from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in CBEC Rm 110.

All majors are welcome to attend! Bring along something to take notes with, and come prepared to ask questions.

SURI: Goddard Center for Astrobiology (NASA)

The Goddard Center for Astrobiology, which is one of the 12 teams comprising NASA’s Astrobiology Institute, is looking for students to participate in undergraduate research. The research takes place at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

During the summer, the research associates will participate in specific research projects. Weekly, they will participate in tutorial lectures by leading Goddard Center scientists or in visits to participating laboratories. This will allow associates to experience the breadth and depth of the field. At the end of the ten-week period, associates will present their research findings at a forum which will be projected over  the internet to the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

Some available research ares include:

  • Chemical composition of comets and meteorites
  • Processes that affect the origin and evolution of organics and water in the planetary systems
  • Chemistry of the material in natal interstellar cloud cores and proto-planetary disks
  • Analysis of small bodies and planets using advanced instruments

The application deadline is January 29, 2016.

To view more information and to access the application, click here.

Summer research is a great way to broaden your undergraduate experience. In addition to the opportunity highlighted above, summer research programs are available at institutions across the country and abroad.

Want to jump start your search for the right program? Check out this listing  of programs that have recently reached out to CBC students.