Henry Tran named 2016 Churchill Scholar


Alexis and Henry 2

Henry Tran, a graduating senior in chemistry and mathematics, and Alexis Crockett, a graduating senior in neuroscience and psychology, are the Ohio State recipients of the prestigious Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarships.

Henry Tran, a graduating senior and honors student in chemistry and mathematics, is one of two Ohio State students to be named a 2016 Churchill Scholar.

The Winston Churchill foundation gives out fifteen scholarships each year to graduating seniors/recent graduates who show outstanding academic talent, personal qualities, and the ability to contribute to the advancement of  science, engineering, or mathematics. The scholarship supports one year of graduate study in a relevant field at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Over sixty-one institutions were represented and ninety-one nominees were selected from. This is the first year two scholars have been named from Ohio State.

Henry is currently conducting research on Jahn-Teller distortions of the NO3 molecule in the theoretical chemistry lab of Ohio Eminent Scholar Dr. Terry Miller. Henry has won numerous awards for his academic and research accomplishments, as well as grants to fund his research.

Henry will pursue a MPhil in Scientific Computing at Cambridge. He hopes to go on to receive a PhD in theoretical chemistry, and after would like to teach and conduct research developing computational methods to understand the electronic structure of important molecules as a professor.