Undergraduate Research Scholarship and International Research Grant

Applications are now open for the Undergraduate Research Scholarship and the International Research Grant. These scholarships will award funds of 500-6,000 dollars. The awards are to be used to meet tuition costs, but remaining balances will be issued to the recipients. You do not need to be a member of the Arts and Sciences Honors Program to apply for these scholarships. However, special consideration will be given to applicants who have research distinction or honors research distinction.

Applications are due September 16, so apply now! You can find the applications here.

Rodriguez Selected as ACS Scholar

Congratulations to undergraduate Emily Rodriguez on receiving the American Chemical Society Scholar Award! The ACS Scholars Program awards renewable scholarships to underrepresented minority students majoring in undergraduate chemistry-related disciplines, and who are also intending to pursue careers in the field of Chemistry. Recipients can receive up to $5,000 per academic year.

“Chemistry has always been a door for me; it has opened the way to many opportunities and adventures. Being selected as an ACS Scholar has not only validated all of the hours put into my study of chemistry, but it will also allow me to pursue endeavors in which I can not only enrich my knowledge of chemistry, but also spread my love of chemistry to others. The American Chemical Society has always been a resource for me to use educationally, and I look forward to the many other opportunities now available to me as a scholar of this organization.” -Emily Rodriguez

Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

Congratulations to all of the CBC Undergraduate students who presented at the 2018 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum! See below our students who placed!

Analytical and Physical Chemistry

1st place: Alexander Grooms (Chemistry); Advisor: Heather Allen

Cell Biology and Physiology

3rd place: Johan Harris (Biochemistry); Advisor: Kristin Stanford

Molecular Biophysics and Chemical Biology

1st place: Seth Lyon (Biochemistry); Advisor: Venkat Gopalan

3rd place: Madison Smith (Chemistry); Advisor: Zucai Suo

Synthetic Chemistry, Catalysts, and Materials

1st place: Dennis Yang (Chemistry); Advisor: Chris Callam

2nd place: Milauni Mehta (Chemistry); Advisor: T.V. Rajanbabu

3rd place: Sydney Sillart (Chemistry); Advisor: Chris Callam

Undergraduate Graduation & Awards Banquet celebrates CBC Students, Award Winners, and Scholarship Recipients

The 2018 Undergraduate Graduation & Awards Banquet was home to graduating seniors, scholarship recipients, awards winners and their families.  Gathering to recognize academic excellence, CBC alumni, Dr. Marinda Wu ’71, was also in attendance to wish our graduates a bright future!

A.J Zanyk Photography 2018

Dr. Susan Olesik, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Chair, began the evening by congratulating all students in attendance, honoring alumni and donors, and thanking the families of our students for supporting their pursuit of an education in the field of Chemistry or Biochemistry. Dr. Marinda Wu then spoke about her experiences as an undergraduate student at Ohio State and beyond.  She encouraged students to maintain passion and perseverance in order to be successful in future endeavors.

Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Terry Gustafson, used the remainder of the evening to recognize our and congratulate our Scholarship and Award Recipients – thanking the many alumni & donors for their contributions which gives our students optimal opportunity.

Congratulations to all of our students and good luck to our graduating seniors! May all your dreams come true!

PHOTOS from the event can be found here

A.J Zanyk Photography 2018

This year, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will be awarding 135 bachelor’s degrees to undergraduate students.  Of those 135 students, there are 12 who have pursued a double major or dual degree and 55 who have earned a minor in at least one other field.  CBC students are diverse in their studies and academically successful with 13 graduating summa cum laude, 23 graduating magna cum laude, and 14 graduating cum laude.

Freshman Chemistry Award: John Vu

Sophomore Organic Chemistry Award: David Wood

ACS Columbus Chapter – Junior Chemistry Achievement Award: Dennis Yang

ACS Columbus Chapter – Senior Chemistry Achievement Award: Scott Garner

Partners for Progress and Prosperity: Kristen Dammeyer

Irene Rosenfeld Scientific Achievement Award: Surabhi Tewari

A.J Zanyk Photography 2018

Hypercube Scholar Award from Hypercube, Inc: Scott Garner

Undergraduate Student Teacher – Rookie of the Year Award: Brittany Shook

Distinguished Undergraduate Student Teacher Award: Jordan Fleenor

Distinguished Organic Student Teacher Award: Sydney Sillart, Sydney Mckee

Royal Society of Chemists Certificate of Excellence: Adam Weiss

ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry: Evan Lach

ACS Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry: Xin Gu

Thanks to A.J. Zanyk Photography!

Questions about photos/etc can be directed to Caitlin Golec.

CBC Undergraduate Scholarships – Apply Now!

The online application form for Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry undergraduate scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic year is now open! The application, along with eligibility information and a list of requirements can be found on the Application webpage.

A list of the available scholarships can be found on the CBC Scholarship webpage. The CBC Scholarships support students with a variety of goals, interests, and backgrounds.

All applicants must include the information of a faculty member who has agreed to provide a recommendation; please be sure to get permission and agreement from the faculty member before listing them as your recommender.

Applications are due Monday, February 5th, 2018, by 5:00pm.

Undergraduate Graduation and Awards Banquet celebrates CBC students, family, and alumni

Graduating seniors, scholarship recipients, award winners, and their families gathered together for an evening of honoring academic excellence at the 2017 Undergraduate Graduation & Awards Banquet (formerly Convocation). A handful of CBC alumni and donors joined  to meet and network with our students.

A.J Zanyk Photography 2017

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Chair, Dr. Susan Olesik, began the evening by congratulating our students, honoring our alumni and donors, and thanking the families of our students for supporting their path of an education in Chemistry or Biochemistry.

Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Terry Gustafson, began his presentation by acknowledging our diversified students who make our department excellent! We aren’t all chemists and biochemists here – 13 of our students graduated with double majors or dual degrees which include areas such as: Anthropology, English, Psychology, and many more! 57 of our graduates also earned a minor in another field besides Chemistry or Biochemistry! We also had a number of distinguished graduates; graduating with honors, Latin honors, research distinction, and ACS certification. And to top it all off, we had 8 students place at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum this year!

A.J Zanyk Photography 2017

After thanking our scholarship donors and congratulating our students who received scholarships for the 2017/2018 academic year – Dr. Gustafson honored and called upon our award winners. Congratulations to the following students on your well-earned awards – we hope you are proud of yourselves:

  •         Distinguished Undergraduate Student Teachers: Scott Garner, Emma Ford, Eric Houchen (This award recognizes three chemistry majors who exhibit exemplary performance as undergraduate teaching assistants)
  •         Undergraduate Student Teacher, Rookie of the Year: Dennis Yang (This award recognizes a chemistry major who exhibits exemplary performance as a new undergraduate teaching assistant)
  •         Freshman Chemistry Award: Nathan T. Kudlapur (This award recognizes a top student enrolled in the Honors General Chemistry sequence)
  •         Sophomore Chemistry Award: Stephanie Li (This award recognizes a top student enrolled in the Honors Organic Chemistry sequence)
  •         Junior Chemistry Achievement Award from the ACS Columbus Chapter: Evan Lach (This award recognizes a top junior majoring in either chemistry or biochemistry)
  •         Senior Chemistry Achievement Award from the ACS Columbus Chapter: Jonathon Stewart (This award is recognizes a top senior majoring in either chemistry or biochemistry)
  •         Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry from the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry: Emma Ford (This award recognizes a top student majoring in either chemistry or biochemistry who has demonstrated excellence in organic chemistry based on a combination of research experience, coursework, and a desire to pursue a career in chemistry)
  •         Partners for Progress and Prosperity ACS Presidential Award: Nathaniel Wesley (This award is given out to an outstanding undergraduate researcher in honor of the memory of Professor Devon W. Meek)
  •         Irene Rosenfeld Scientific Achievement Award: Max Yudovich and Ryan Judd (This award was established by the estate of Irene Rosenfeld, a biochemist with achievements in the study of the biology of selenium, with additional contributions by others. This award recognizes top graduating seniors majoring in biochemistry who has accomplished an outstanding level of academic achievement in the sciences)
  •         Hypercube Scholar Award from Hypercube, Inc: Alex Patterson (Hypercube Inc. is the developer of HyperChem and other molecular modeling products. This award recognizes a top student who has demonstrated scholastic excellence in chemistry)

Congratulations Chemistry and Biochemistry Class of 2017!

A.J Zanyk Photography 2017

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Graduating seniors – we’d love to keep in touch! If you haven’t already done so, please take a few moments to complete our exit survey and join our Alumni Group on LinkedIn.

CBC Undergraduate Scholarships – Apply Now!

Through generous donor support, department scholarships are awarded to students majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry each year.

The CBC Scholarships are a family of scholarships that each support students with a variety of goals, interests, and backgrounds. For example, the ACS-Hach scholarship supports students whose future goals include K-12 education, and the Wilber Waight Canaga Memorial Fund is awarded to students interested in Biochemistry.  View the full list of scholarships and their donors here. Applicants are considered for all of the CBC Scholarships through one simple application. The 2017-2018 Scholarship Application is open until 5:00 PM on Monday, February 6th 2017.

Review the eligibility requirements and apply today!


CBC Undergraduate Convocation Honors Academic Excellence

Photo by Jay LaPrete ©2016 Jay LaPrete

2016 Undergraduate Convocation

Photo by Jay LaPrete ©2016 Jay LaPrete

Dr. Gustafson with a Graduate and her Family

As the academic year drew to a close, the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry invited our graduating students, scholarship recipients, award winners, and their families to celebrate their accomplishments at the Ohio Union last month.


Photo by Jay LaPrete ©2016 Jay LaPrete

Dr. Olesik Speaks to Students & Families

Our Chair, Dr. Susan Olesik, began the night with a toast to our students and their guests, highlighting their efforts and dedication to the discipline. Following dinner, Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Terry Gustafson took the stage to congratulate our graduating seniors, and scholarship and award recipients. In addition to their fantastic performance in chemistry and biochemistry, Dr. Gustafson was particularly proud of the fact that 16 of our graduates are dual degree graduates, and 60 students earned a minor in other fields besides chemistry and biochemistry. Additionally, a number of our students are graduating with honors and research distinction, many with both! With gratitude, Dr. Gustafson thanked our generous donors who together were able to award over $165,000 in scholarships to 67 different students. All the while, students introduced their family and friends to their peers and instructors. A final congratulations is due to our graduating seniors who took part in the university commencement ceremony on May 8 at the Ohio Stadium.  Look out world, here they come!

Photo by Jay LaPrete ©2016 Jay LaPrete

Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduates

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2016 Department Scholarships Application Available!

Deadline: February 15th

Through the generous support of our many donors, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is thrilled to offer several scholarships to our undergraduate Chemistry and Biochemistry students each year, and the application for the 2016-2017 academic year scholarships is now available.   More information, including what scholarships are available, eligibility, application instructions, and the link to the application,  can be found under the “Opportunities” tab.