Study Abroad: Brisbane


thumb_aus_students_scuba_diving_at_great_barrier_reef_3_Looking to gain research experience over the summer?

Check out this six-week summer research program in the beautiful Brisbane, Australia!

A variety of chemistry research projects are being offered through Arcadia University during the summer of 2017, such as: solutions for diseases, blood clotting agents, venom peptides, and many more!

A 3.0 GPA is required for consideration to the program, and there is no language requirement in order to be involved! Work individually with your OSU advisor to ensure your study abroad credit will be transferred smoothly.

Check out Arcadia University’s website to discover the research opportunity you would be most interested in. Keep checking back into the Arcadia website to find out more about applications, deadlines, fees, and scholarship opportunities!

Studying abroad is a valuable and exciting part of an undergraduate experience. When pursuing any study abroad opportunity, be sure to check in with an advisor to address any academic or financial implications of a semester abroad. Bon voyage!

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