Research is an integral part of our curriculum and is highly recommended for chemistry & biochemistry majors.  Students are encouraged to work in faculty research labs to pursue an independent research project that can culminate in an undergraduate thesis.  Many students choose to perform research with Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty, while others choose to pursue research opportunities elsewhere.

If you are interested in strengthening your portfolio by adding a research project to your coursework, you can begin by browsing the faculty research page on the department website.  The Undergraduate Research Office is an excellent resource both for students doing research and for students interested in research, and their website has a good guide for getting involved.

Chemistry and Biochemistry majors can enroll in Chem 4998 or Biochem 4998 to obtain research experience in various topics of interest. Usually, students are assigned to a project and conduct laboratory experiments, learning how to design experiments, obtain data, and interpret data. In Chem 4999 and Biochem 4999, students will complete independent investigation in chemistry or biochemistry, culminating in a thesis and oral presentation.  Honors versions of all of these courses are also available.

Honors biochemistry majors have the opportunity to enroll in Biochem 2900H & 2998H, an early experience program that exposes students to emerging research areas. Biochemistry 2900H includes presentations on research subjects by many of the faculty and includes visits to research labs and various panel discussions. Biochem 2998H allows students to get involved in individual research projects.

Research is a unique way to interact with some of the top research scientists at OSU, and provides preparation for graduate school.  Benefits of research include but are not limited to:

  • Sharpening problem-solving skills
  • Putting coursework knowledge to practice
  • Developing marketable skills
  • Growing as a critical, analytical, and independent thinker

Frequently, outside institutions solicit applications from undergraduate students for research experience positions.  These can be either paid or unpaid positions and vary in length, and frequently take place over the summer.  Browse our posts about research to get an idea of the types of opportunities that are generally available to our students, and view the list of all of the Research Experience Opportunities currently accepting applications that have been featured this blog.