Fall 2019 Entrepreneurship Academy

The Fall 2019 Entrepreneurship Academy is a series of workshops exclusively for students in the College of Arts and Sciences. This non-credit series of workshops is presented by Career Success and  taught by successful Arts and Sciences alumni as well as local members of the entrepreneurship community. The program provides a foundation for understanding what is required to develop an idea into an entrepreneurial venture. Those that complete the program have the option to deliver a final pitch and be considered for cash awards for best presentation.

The Academy will meet weekly from 7-9pm on the following dates:

September 10, 2019 : Ideation
September 17, 2019 : Value Proposition and Customer Validation
September 24, 2019 : Target Markets and Marketing Essentials
October 1, 2019 : Business Plan
October 8, 2019 : Financials and Funding
October 15, 2019 : Building Your Pitch
November 8, 2019 : Final pitch presentation

A unique feature of this program is that each participant will have access to an alumni mentor to assist them with developing their idea and business plan!

Program goals:

  • Understand the challenges of becoming a successful entrepreneur and how this career path relates to your personal goals and values
  • Refine and further develop your concept
  • Understand the types of business models and determine what model is best suited to your concept
  • Identify your target market and how you can test your ideas
  • Develop the basics on how to construct a business plan
  • Discover what goes in to financing a concept and the resources available
  • Understand and apply what makes an effective pitch
  • Gain familiarity with internal and external resources
  • Understand the basics of creating a marketing plan

Registration is open and space is limited. Please register through Handshake  or contact Scott Kustis at kustis.1@osu.edu

Course Spotlight: Chemistry 2990

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Chemistry 2990 at The Ohio State University is a seminar course targeting chemistry majors focusing on the development of professional skills, conducting literature searches, writing research papers, and exploring careers and research options. Offered by Dr. Nicole Karn on Monday’s at 3:00 PM, this course will help students hone their writing skills and understanding, while having the opportunity to attend research presentations given by faculty conducting research. Sign up for the Spring 2019 semester! Take a look at the tentative syllabus for an in-depth course description and schedule.

Course Spotlight: Biology 4798

Scientific Roots in the UK and EU

 Looking to study abroad? Next spring semester Biology 4798: Scientific Roots in the UK and EU will be offered in coordination with studying abroad in London, England and Paris, France. This course will focus on scientific discoveries that changed the world and changed paradigms, and the study abroad trip will allow students to tour the sites of these discoveries in person.

If interested, there will be information sessions in the fall semester. Scholarship opportunities are available, however deadlines may approach sooner than the study abroad deadline. If you have any questions or would like to show your interest in the course now, you can contact the professors of the course, Dr. John Cogan or Dr. Caroline Breitenberger, or checking the Ohio State Office of International Affairs website.

Dr. John Cogan: cogan.1@osu.edu
Dr. Caroline Breitenberger: breitenberger.1@osu.edu

Application deadline: October 31, 2018


Course Spotlight: Biochem 5613

*New* Biochem 5613 will be offered in Autumn 2018!

What: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology I

Description: An introductory course in biochemistry and molecular biology developing in three semesters the molecular basis of structure and function of living cells.

Pre-req or concur: Chem 2520 (253), 2620, or 2920H, and one semester in Biological Sciences. Not open to students with credit for 613 or 4511 (511).

When: Tu Th 12:45-2:05 PM
Where: Pomerene Hall 150
Who: Dr. Kotaro Nakanishi 

Biochem 5613 has been previously only offered in the spring, but Biochemistry is a growing major and new requirement for many pre-health professions. Many professional schools including medical school require a Biochemistry course. Students may take Biochem 4511, Introduction to Biological Chemistry, or they can take Biochem 5613 and Biochem 5614 to get the content of Biochem 4511 in a more in-depth format.

Biochem 5614 is currently only offered in the autumn semester. However, depending on the enrollment in this new offering of Biochem 5613 in Autumn 2018 and student interest in pursuing a two-semester sequence, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will consider an additional offering of Biochem 5614 in Spring ’19.

If you are interested in declaring Biochemistry as a major or a minor or have any questions, please call the undergraduate advising office in Celeste 110 to schedule an appointment at (614) 292-1204.

Course Spotlight: Cheminformatics

The world of big data is here and cheminformatics is the study of data formats/databases applicable to chemistry. The course will introduce the student to basic data formats for storing digital chemical information and common public access databases important to the practicing chemist. These include; chemical structures, chemical reactions and spectroscopic data. A brief introduction to programming will teach the student how to access and retrieve data from a number of public databases.

When: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday  10:20 – 11:15 AM

Prerequisites: CHEM 2510 (Organic Chemistry I)

*For SP18 only: Students registering for this course will enroll in CHEM 4194

Schedule an appointment with your Chemistry or Biochemistry adviser to plan your Spring 2018 schedule today!

New Course Spotlight: Chem 5230 – Neurotransmitter Chemistry

dichloropane (RTI-111)
0.8/3.1/18 nM
100x potency of (-)-cocaine
cocaine-like subjective effects in animals

Joy and fear. Anxiety and euphoria. Depression and transcendence. Humans throughout history have sought to alter their own mood and perceptions using substances from outside of the body, and in the 21st century, these processes of neurotransmission have never been better understood. With this knowledge, treatments for debilitating mental illness have been born, yet in spite of this knowledge, many who suffer from addiction continue to die. At the center of this human drama are the chemical structures that modulate natural brain processes, and this course aims to tell their story.

After building a foundation of receptor biochemistry and pharmacological methods, students will explore the structure and chemistry of endogenous molecules, and the discovery and development of the natural and man-made ones that influence them. This course should be interesting to students of various majors, including chemistry, biochemistry, neuroscience, and pharmaceutical sciences.

When: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday  4:10-5:05 PM

Prerequisites: Organic Chemistry Lecture II (CHEM 2520/2620/2920H) & Organic Chemistry Lab I (CHEM 2540)

Schedule an appointment with your Chemistry or Biochemistry adviser to plan your Spring 2018 schedule today!

New Course Spotlight: Chem 2990 – Intro to Chemical Research

Chem 2990: Introduction to Chemical Research will help students develop their technical writing skills by dissecting the parts of a research paper and subsequently writing a publication-quality research paper. Additionally, faculty from the Department of Chemistry will discuss their research and opportunities in their labs for undergraduates.

This one credit course is aimed at students interested in conducting research in the Department of Chemistry, and is new this Spring semester!


When: Mondays 3:00-3:55PM

Prerequisites: Successful completion of CHEM 1220/1620/1920H (General Chemistry II) and ENGL 1110.

Schedule an appointment with your Chemistry or Biochemistry adviser to plan your Spring 2018 schedule today!

Chemistry 5430: Carbohydrate Chemistry

Chemistry 5430 will be offered next semester, SP 18.  The main course objective is for everyone to gain a better understanding of glycol-science.  Students will develop a working knowledge of the synthesis, conformation, and biological importance of carbohydrates and oligosaccharides.   This course is designed to help develop scientific problem solving skills and application of organic and biochemistry to new situations.

This course will be taught by Dr. Christopher Callam on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:35 am – 10:55 am. If you are interested in this the chemistry of carbohydrates, learn more by checking out this flyer CH5430Callam-13sgc33!

Schedule an appointment with your Chemistry or Biochemistry adviser to plan your Spring 2018 schedule today!

Pre-Health Wilderness Medicine Course


Interested in emergency medicine, humanitarian relief work, wilderness medicine, or global health? The University of Colorado School of Medicine is offering a two week Pre-Health Wilderness Medicine Program that provides great hands on experience. The program is ideal for nursing, pre-medical, pre-veterinary, pre-dental, and health professions students.

Students will:

  • Hear from professional school admissions officers
  • Participate in EMS ride-alongs
  • Attend lectures on humanitarian relief and disaster response work
  • Learn outdoor skills such as map and compass reading
  • Go hiking, canoeing, and exploring in the Rocky Mountains

The program begins in metro Denver and concludes at a basecamp in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. There is a session from May 28th to June 9th, and another from August 6th to August 18th.

Students will not only leave better prepared for professional school, but also with survival skills that will invaluable in an emergency or wilderness incident. More information and registration links can be found on Image result for cu logothe CU Emergency & Wilderness Medicine page.

Information Sessions for Clinical Research

The Master of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research (MACPR) program is inviting you to attend one of two information sessions!  This program is an interdisciplinary graduate degree program offered by The Ohio State University Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medicine. Available to full and part-time students, it offers specializations in clinical research management, regulatory affairs, and clinical and safety pharmacology. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in any area are able to apply. Session information below:

  • The in-person session will be held January 31st, 2017, at 5 p.m. in 260 Prior Hall. No RSVP is required for the in-person session.
  • An online session will be available on February 1st, 2017, at 7:30 p.m. via Carmen Connect. An RSVP is required for the online session, so please do so with Nikki Herbert at herbert.1865@osu.edu.

Check out macpr.osu.edu and/or contact Nikki Herbert at herbert.1865@osu.edu for additional information.