Summer Research Experience: Stone Lab

The Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory is accepting applicants for the Research Experience for Undergraduates Scholarship Program.

Application Due: February 6th, 2017osu-stone-lab

If you are interested in hands-on experience, enjoy working with nature, or are looking for new summer courses, apply for the REU Scholarship Program at Stone Lab! The program includes completing a research project with a faculty mentor and a five-week class. Students selected receive in-state tuition, lab fee, room, and meals. Students from any major are welcome to apply, and the 25% tuition discount makes the classes an affordable way to earn credits.

Interested and would like to learn more? Visit the Stone Lab REU page.

Want to jump start your search for the right research program? Check out this listing  of programs that have recently reached out to CBC students

Supplement Your Degree With Business Acumen

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Application Deadline: January 29th
Have you ever been interested in applying your chemistry or biochemistry undergraduate degree to the field of business and industry? The Fisher College of Business has a year-long Industry Clusters Program that immerses students into specific fields of business, with 72% of eligible industry Cluster students have secured full-time internships or jobs with leading companies both on the national scale and world-wide. The result of thisprogram, which has nine specific fields, is a strong understanding of material and personal business experience that is not typical before a graduate level, as well as a unique opportunity to impact a company via projects and gain first-hand industry specific knowledge.

2017-2018 Industry Clusters include: Business Analytics, Consulting, Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy & Sustainability, Health Care, Middle Market, Manufacturing, Retail, Sports (new for 2017!).

More information can be found at the Fisher College official website.
There is also an opportunity to hear from faculty and students at in information session held at Mason Rotunda, Thursday, January 19th from 5:30 – 7:00 PM.

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Pharmacology Postgraduate at University of Cincinnati


The Department of Pharmacology and Cell Biophysics at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine currently offers a one-year, on-site, non-thesis MS degree program in Pharmacology focused on Basic Pharmacology, Drug Discovery, and Safety Pharmacology.  The program is designed to prepare students for advanced academic training in the life sciences (MD, PhD, DDS, DVM) or employment in the pharmaceutical industry, contract research organizations, or regulatory agencies (FDA, CDC).

The University of Cincinnati’s MS program is now in its fifth year of operation.  All students in the first four classes successfully completed their degrees.  About half of graduates have gone on to PhD or MD programs, and 100% of our graduates who applied to medical school have been admitted.  About half of graduates are employed in the academic research or private sector enterprises.

For their next class (starting in August 2017), they plan to enroll 15 students.  Applications from domestic applicants will be accepted until 30 June 2017 or until the class is full.  Early applications are encouraged, and foreign applicants should apply before 1 March 2017.

For further information about the program and a link to the online application, please check

Summer 2017 Science Courses and Research Opportunities now being Offered at Ohio State’s Stone Lab!

If you’re thinking about taking science classes this coming summer, consider applying to Stone Lab!

For over 90 years, Stone Lab has served as a fieldstation for Ohio State, allowing thousands to study frestone-lab-image-1shwater biology on Gibraltar Island on Lake Erie. Researchers from all over the Midwest have worked here to understand issues facing the Great Lakes, especially invasive species and toxic algal blooms.

You can become a part of this important team, too! Stone Lab offers 25 college-credit science courses in the fields of biology, geology, and natural resources, in addition to several conferences and educational programs for anyone with an interest in science. These courses range in duration from one day to five weeks. Click here to start your application for summer courses.

Moreover, Stone Lab also features individual research opportunities and tours of the facilities. Click here for more information regarding scholarships for Stone Lab research programs for undergraduates if this is more closely aligned with your interests.

For more information about all that Stone Lab has to offer, click here. You can also subscribe to Ohio Sea Grant & Stone Lab’s monthly email newsletter.


Course Spotlight: Cheminformatics

New Chemistry course in Spring 2017!

cheminformaticsCheminformatics is the study of using computers and informational techniques to solve problems in chemistry. The world of big data is here, and the focus this particular cheminformatics course has taken deals with providing students an understanding of the nature of digital chemical data, and how to connect the workflow of professionals requiring chemical data in their jobs to the infrastructure of online chemical data repositories.

When: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday  10:20 – 11:15 AM

Prerequisites: Successful completion of CHEM 2510 (Organic Chemistry I).

Students registering for this course will enroll in CHEM 4194.

Course Spotlight: Introduction to Protein Modeling

New Chemistry course in Spring 2017!

protein-modelingFor the first time this spring, students will have an opportunity to explore the theories and methods of molecular modeling and computational chemistry in a new course. CHEM 5194*: Introduction to Protein Modeling allows students to get hands-on experience with computational chemistry software, molecular mechanics, and modeling dynamic systems (molecular dynamics).

When: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday  1:50 – 2:45 PM

Prerequisites: Successful completion of CHEM 2520 (Organic Chemistry II)

Study Abroad- England

New Study Abroad Course: Travel to London & Cambridge, UK, to study Darwin and his research on evolution!

There is a now study abroad course being offered during the first two weeks of the 2017 summer session, preceded by a 7 week pre-departure course. Students will travel to London & Cambridge, UK, while studying Darwin and evolution. Students will have many opportunities to  visit several museums, tea gardens, and also to sight-see and explore.


There will be an information session Thursday, November 10th from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm in Kuhn House, room 100.

Check out this flyer for information on who to contact and more course details. If this study abroad course sounds like something you would be interested in, please speak with your advisor to determine your ability to complete the course!

Studying abroad is a valuable and exciting part of an undergraduate experience. When pursuing any study abroad opportunity, be sure to check in with an advisor to address any academic or financial implications of a semester abroad. Bon voyage!

Course Spotlight: Nanochemistry

With Spring Scheduling Appointments just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about your upcoming semester schedule.  This spring,Carbon Nanotube . Dr. Josh Goldberger will be teaching Chem 5520 – Nanochemistry.

The course is an introduction introduction to fundamental concepts of nanoscience, including the structure and synthesis of inorganic and organic materials at the nanoscale, new properties that emerge, their assembly and integration into technology

When: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:35-10:55am

Prerequisites: Students should have completed General Chemistry II (Chem 1220, 1620, 1920H) and will need instructor permission.

This course is only offered in Spring semester of odd years, so if you’re interested in taking it, now is your chance!

Course Spotlight: Learn to Dance!

LaBlast® Fitness Foundations

In a break from our usual programming, take a look at this fun new Fitness Course for Fall 2016!


Fitness classes help relieve stress and keep you healthy.

LaBlast fitness is a partner-free dance fitness class .  There are an assortment of dance styles you will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Cha Cha
  • Disco
  • Salsa
  • Samba
  • Jive
  • Paso Doble
  • Merengue
  • Hustle

You do not need any experience in dancing to be able to get fit while having fun in this class.  Dancing is a great cardio-vascular exercise to improve your heart health and endurance, and it increases your mood. Physical activity is also shown to sharpen your mind and improve energy levels…perfect to pair with those late night studying sessions!

Class meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

The class is listed under KNSFHP 1139.07 class #35258

For more information, see OSU Fall Course Flyer – SFHP

Study Abroad in the UK and EU

Have you considered studying abroad? What about this school year?

By Azeira at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If you are interested in studying sciences in another country then Biology 4798, Scientific Roots in the UK and EU, is for you!  Students will be able to learn during the semester in Columbus about scientific breakthroughs that occurred in England and the EU, and then for spring break take a trip to visit the locations and landmarks associated with those discoveries.  Each student will have research projects including the Royal Society, HMS Endeavour, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Kew Gardens, and Cambridge University.  There will be a final project where students will get to report and present their findings.

Locations visited over Spring break: London, Cambridge, Lyme Regis, Paris

This is a great opportunity to get started in study abroad, if that is in your plans for the future.  Any opportunity to study abroad is an opportunity to learn more and be enriched by other cultures.  You will get the opportunity to visit both London, England and for the first time Paris, France as well!

IF enough students enroll this course will be offered in the spring.

While in the past this course has focused on Biology, it has been modified to include both Chemistry and Physics.

To find out more about this trip (application, prerequisites, etc…) visit: Scientific Roots in the UK and EU

Have you participated in this study abroad trip before? We’d love to hear about it! Share your study abroad experience in the “Submit a Feature” option in the sidebar so we can feature it on this blog.

Studying abroad is a valuable and exciting part of an undergraduate experience. When pursuing any study abroad opportunity, be sure to check in with an advisor to address any academic or financial implications of a semester abroad. Bon voyage!