UPenn REU: Catalyst Research Development and Molecular Dynamics

Application Deadline: February 1, 2024

The University of Pennsylvania Department of Chemistry is accepting applications for its REU titled, “Novel Techniques and Applications in Catalyst Research Development and Molecular Dynamics” (CatResDev). This is a 10-week summer research experience.

The CatResDev REU research areas span a significant space across catalysis: method development, catalyst development, and synthetic applications, as well as extension into molecular dynamics and beyond. CatResDev exposes REU students to high throughput experimentation (HTE) techniques that are unique to Penn Chemistry and currently in high demand. Exposure to HTE provides a distinct experience for undergraduates with long-term leverage into both academic and industrial pathways.

While working on their projects, students will learn the fundamentals of success in science via training, mentoring, and industrial partnerships.  Programs focus on research safety, professional development, networking, and the opportunity to learn from one another and leading experts in the field.

More information is available on the program website.

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