CBC Scholarship Application Open

The CBC Scholarship Application is now open. The application is available on the OSU Student Financial Aid ScholarshipUniverse platform.

Applications are due February 15, 2024.

Scholarship eligibility consists of the following:

  • Current OSU student seeking a BA or BS degree in chemistry or biochemistry.
  • Have completed 1 semester at the OSU main campus or regional campus.
  • Have completed the OSU FAFSA deadline by February 15, 2024 (domestic students only).
  • Have received permission from an OSU faculty member to list them as your recommendation provider.

The application consists of 8 questions, including 5 narrative questions that ask you to describe:

  • Your future career goals.
  • Your experience with undergraduate research, if any. (This is not a requirement to be eligible for a scholarship.)
  • Your experiences as a chemistry TA, peer mentor, or chemistry tutor. Teaching and learning experiences not related to chemistry will also be considered.
  • Your involvement with university clubs, outreach opportunities, and/or internships.
  • An explanation of why you are a strong candidate to receive a CBC scholarship.

In April of 2023, the CBC Scholarship Committee awarded 81 recipients a total of $408,500 in scholarship funds for academic year 2023-24. The committee looks forward to your application. If you have questions about the application process, please contact Ana Ramirez at ramirez.159@osu.edu.